Placecast launches new product to verify the location data in mobile ad campaigns

Alistair Goodman, CEO of mobile marketing company Placecast, said location data is the “next frontier” when it comes to ad measurement and verification. For example, Goodman pointed to a s

Location-Based Marketing Startup Placecast Is Moving Into Mobile Ads (And AdTech) With PlaceAd

<a target="_blank" href="">Placecast</a>, a mobile marketing company that has built out a business around services like its ShopAlerts geo-targeted messaging notifications for

Placecast Debuts Location-Based, Credit Card-Linked ShopAlerts Offers

Placecast's <a href="">ShopAlerts service</a>, which delivers retailer and merchant offers and

More Mobile Wallets Incoming: Placecast Launches White Label ShopAlerts Wallet

We've seen some notable developments around mobile payments that turn handsets effectively into credit cards, credit card processors, reward point aggregators, and more. A new product out today could

Placecast Brings Location-Based Shopping Alerts To Retailer Smartphone Apps

Placecast's <a href="">ShopAlerts service</a>, which delivers retailer and merchant offers and

Placecast Launches Self-Serve Version Of Location-Based Mobile Deals Platform ShopAlerts

Placecast's <a href="">ShopAlerts service</a>, which delivers retailer and merchant offers and

AT&T Taps Placecast For Location-Based Shopping Alerts

<img src="">AT&T is betting big on location-based shopping alerts through a partnership with <a href="">Placecast

O2 Taps Placecast For Location Based SMS Marketing Campaigns

<img src="" alt="" /> <a href="">Placecast</a> is announcing a fairly significant partnership with European carrier <a hre

Placecast Debuts All-In-One Geolocation Data Funnel LocalBox

<img src="" class="shot2">As more and more geolocation apps hit the market, there is an enormo

Placecast Partners With Location Labs To Expand Reach Of SMS Marketing Campaigns

<img src="" class="shot2">Text-message advertising startup <a href="">Placecast</a> is partnering with <a href="http:/

Department of Desperation: Placecast Tries To Paint Foursquare As Irrelevant To Marketers

<img src="" alt="" /> If you want to know why you can never trust a survey commissioned by a company trying to bolster its market position,

Geo Services Mismatch Places Up To 40 Percent Of The Time

<img src=""> Have you ever tried to check into a place on Foursquare or some other geo service only to find that there are 10 names for th

Placecast Launches Match API To Ensure Accuracy In Location-Based Check-Ins

<img src=""> Following the location-based frenzy that took place at this year's SXSW festival, my colleague MG Siegler <a href="https://techc

Placecast Raises $3 Million For Location-Based Mobile Marketing Technology

<img src="" class="shot2"><a href="">Placecast,</a> a startup that creates a location-based mobile marketing t

Placecast Debuts Location-Based Mobile Marketing Technology ShopAlerts

<img src="" class="shot2"> For brick and mortar retail shops, the biggest challenge right now is actually getting foot traffic in their stores. Ea

Back to the Future: How Apple is Becoming More Like a Carrier Every Day

<img src=""> <em><strong>Editor's note</strong>: Is Apple going too far with its restrictions on developers? <a href="http://www.cru

Placecast Raises $5 Million For Location-Based Advertising Platform

<img src="" width="197" height="74" /> Location-based marketing platform <a href="">Placecast</a> has raised $5