• TripTrace: A Place Book For Where You've Been And Where You're Going

    Back in August, we got word that a startup called PlaceBook was being bullied by Facebook into changing their name. Obviously, a lot of companies are trying to ride on the coattails of Facebook now given the social network’s massive success, but in the case of PlaceBook, their name really just perfectly describes their service — more on that in a second. Still, Facebook lawyered up… Read More

  • Hey Facebook, Here Are Some Other Companies You Can Bully Or Sue

    Hey Facebook, Here Are Some Other Companies You Can Bully Or Sue

    I’ve been reading up on Facebook‘s most recently filed lawsuit, and the more I learn, the more the whole ordeal aggravates me. As you may have heard, the social networking juggernaut has decided to sue a fledgling startup called Teachbook, which is preparing to launch an online community for teachers, over the word ‘book’ in their name. Greg Shrader, managing partner… Read More

  • Facebook Bullies PlaceBook Into Changing Their Name — Or The Way It's Pronounced

    The main reason you haven’t heard of PlaceBook up until now is because they’re still in stealth mode. But if you never hear about them in the future, it’s because Facebook is threatening them unless they change their name. For a location-based service, PlaceBook seems to be a killer name. It also happens to rhyme with that other social networking service — and they… Read More