Pixelmator Pro wants to be the Photoshop killer on macOS

The team behind Pixelmator is releasing a brand new app today called Pixelmator Pro. As the name suggests, it is a more powerful, refreshed version of the company’s original image-editing app. You c

The team behind Pixelmator is about to launch Pixelmator Pro

While Photoshop is still the most famous image editing app out there, there are now plenty of alternatives. Pixelmator is quite popular on macOS for instance. It has been around for a few years now, a

Want To Get Pixelmated?

Want to get your hands on Photoshop -killer, Pixelmator? Of course you do, you Mac OS X fanboy. I hear there are a few torrents on public trackers somewhere. Don’t know where though. Absolutely

Total Photoshop Killer: Pixelmator!

Something different than the standard Photoshop layout! Crazy! On one of the underground torrent sites I visit daily, I came across a new Mac App that had been downloaded a bunch of times. It’s