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Pixel art coloring book apps are the newest App Store craze

Has your kid bugged you to let them download Sandbox Coloring? You’re probably not alone. The latest trend blowing up on the App Store is a new twist on the coloring book apps that have been pop

Game Frame Puts Pixel Art On Display In The Coolest Possible Way

[protected-iframe id=”f320c751e07e6d5b684702c276be68c1-24588526-5302483″ info=”https://www.kickstarter .com/projects/jerware/game-frame-the-art-of-pixels/widget/video.html” wid

Pixel Art: Game Boy de-makes

Here are a few shots from a contest over on Pixelation. They’re from almost a year ago so if you’ve seen them, forgiveness please. I came across them via Geekologie today. Sometimes stuff hides on