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  • The Swedish Pirate Party moves The Pirate Bay to parliament

    Interesting developments coming out of Sweden vis-à-vis The Pirate Bay, a site that I’m shocked is still around. Do you know anybody who still uses it? I sure don’t. The Swedish Pirate Party—inspiration to pirate parties all over the world, including the USA Pirate Party—has decided to take advantage of an obscure clause in the Swedish constitution to defend the… Read More

  • We talked to the Pirate Party of the United States: Here's what it's all about

    Let’s make one thing absolutely clear about the Pirate Party of the United States (PPUS): it has no interest in defending your ability to illegally download The Blueprint 3 from Waffles.fm. It just doesn’t. If you had the idea in your head that the PPUS would somehow work to legalize your bad habits, well, tough break, kid: it’s a legitimate political party whose goal is not… Read More

  • Video: This is what Sweden's Pirate Party is all about

    Probably the name needs to change, but Sweden’s Pirate Party has its heart in the right place. It doesn’t aim to give everyone the right to download the latest Modest Mouse album from privatetorrents.com all willy nilly (as the Huffington Post implies), but rather to reform copyright laws so that they accurately reflect the 21st century. And as you may already know, the party had… Read More

  • Sweden's Pirate Party on track for 2 seats in European Parliament

    Those of you in Euroland are probably sick of hearing about the <european elections, especially because, as I learned in college, something like two dozen people in the whole of Europe even bother to vote. (Democracy deficit!) No matter, because it looks like some people in Sweden voted for the Pirate Party, whose raison d’être is to reform copyright law, patents, etc. In fact… Read More