• Experience The Wonder Of Streaming Piracy With iOSLiveTV.com

    Experience The Wonder Of Streaming Piracy With iOSLiveTV.com

    This is so illegal that we can probably expect to see it fold in a matter of hours, but if you’re really hankering for some Russian or German TV right now – or some hott sexxxy Penthouse action – iOSLiveTV has you covered. The site is formatted for iOS and Android and features a number of live TV channels including some adult selections. Read More

  • Hollywood’s Role In Innovation… And SOPA

    Hollywood’s Role In Innovation… And SOPA

    Silicon Valley may be a garden of innovation, but many of the seeds were sown by Hollywood. Earlier generations of innovators were inspired by shows such as Star Trek, Lost in Space, and The Jetsons; later generations, by films such as Aliens, Terminator, and Avatar. Hollywood brought science fiction to the masses and gave people big things to dream about. And music spread the… Read More

  • Pirate Parties Organizing Lawsuit Against FBI Over Megaupload Takedown

    Pirate Parties Organizing Lawsuit Against FBI Over Megaupload Takedown

    The Megaupload troubles make for interesting discussion because there is much to be said on both sides. Whether the illegal aspects of the network “outweigh” the legal aspects is a question that will be discussed for months and perhaps years. But one thing can’t be disputed: after the two-year investigation by the FBI, the site’s takedown was swift and perhaps… Read More

  • Will Interactive iBooks Be The Next Big Booty For Pirates?

    Will Interactive iBooks Be The Next Big Booty For Pirates?

    With the shift from print books to digital books come a few nasty side effects. Sure, it’s much easier much easier to acquire and read books when you don’t even have to get out of your chair, but those digital copies can be cracked and disseminated for free with only a little more effort. As ebook sales expand, so does ebook piracy, so I have to wonder if Apple’s… Read More

  • A Pirate’s Life For Me: Police Bust Hungarian Movie Ring

    A Pirate’s Life For Me: Police Bust Hungarian Movie Ring

    If you had any misconceptions about the noble pirates fighting the nasty, dirty MPAA, put those to rest now. Here’s the inside of a pirate’s lair in Budapest where we find a 70TB disk array (the article claims it held “5000 movies, 4000 songs, 6000 games and 500 pieces of software,” which is a ridiculously low number), blow, and what appears to be a shotgun. Read More

  • German ISPs Surrendering 300,000 Pirating Suspects' Details Every Month

    As ridiculous as the copyright battles are here in the states, it’s a bit surreal when you see them exceeded elsewhere by an order of magnitude or two. According to German internet industry association ECO, ISPs in that country are giving up their subscribers to rightsholders at the mind-boggling rate of around 300,000 per month. To put that in perspective, you remember that big… Read More

  • Ballmer: Piracy Kills Chinese Market Earnings By 95%

    Despite the fact the number of PCs in China and the U.S. are pretty similar, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer claimed on Wednesday that the company sees 95 percent less revenue coming from China than the States. Why, you ask? Piracy, of course. Other tech companies have had the same problem in China, which could indicate that the Chinese government hasn’t done enough to stop the acquisition… Read More

  • Pirate Bay Servers Take Refuge In Secret Mountain Cave

    If your website is so internationally controversial that you’ve got Interpol and RIAA secret police knocking on your door every other day, it pays to be a bit circumspect when it comes to hosting. But only the most paranoid (justifiably or not) will go so far as to keep their servers in a top-secret cave in rural Sweden. Read More

  • EU Court's Advocate General: Internet Filtering May Conflict With Charter Of Fundamental Rights

    The Advocate General of the European Union Court of Justice, Cruz Villalón, says that national courts there should not have the ability to tell Internet Service Providers to filter their connections in order to prevent copyright infringement because such a move would conflict with the Charter of Fundamental Rights. That was a mouthful, yes. It should be noted that the Advocate… Read More