NZVC creates fund for early-stage New Zealand ventures

NZVC’s fund is targeting the seed to Series A gap to help New Zealand companies grow.

Owl Ventures, which funds edtech exclusively, just raised $185 million for its second fund

Plenty of investors have broken their picks, trying to find gold in education technology. That doesn’t seem to concern the limited partners of Owl Ventures, a three-year-old venture firm that&#8

Piper raises $2.1m to leverage Raspberry Pi and Minecraft to teach coding

What’s the best tool to help teach the next generation of K-12 students how to code? If you guessed ‘Minecraft’, you’re agreeing with a $2.1m bet made by Princeton University,

12 Gifts To Inspire The Next Generation Of Coders

Are you buying a gift for a budding coder or hardware hacker? Kids today are truly spoilt on this front, with a very wide range of specialized kit that offers to teach tech smarts in a fun and engagin

Piper Lets Kids Design Circuits Using Minecraft And Electricity

There is a disease destroying our young people. It is silent, malignant, and fatal. It is called Minecraft and something must be done. If you have children of a certain age chances are they have made

Piper Announces New Piper NV Home Monitoring System With Night Vision For $269

The home security industry once dominated by complicated, expensive systems is in for a rude awakening. <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2013/08/23/piper-is-the-prettiest-way-to-monitor-your-home-from-

iControl Networks Acquires Blacksumac, The Company Behind The Piper Home Monitoring Device

Earlier this year, Google ushered in consolidation of the home automation and monitoring space with its $3.2 billion acquisition of Tony Fadell’s Nest. Today, iControl Networks followed that trend w

Piper Is The Prettiest Way To Monitor Your Home From Afar

Ottawa-based <a target="_blank" href="http://blacksumac.com/">BlackSumac</a> may not be the first startup to try and revamp the home security system, nor is it the first to use a crowdfunding platform