• Pioneer does the unthinkable and opens a 2nd retail location

    With Circuit City and CompUSA’s woes, you would think that electronic makers would shy away from opening brick and mortar stores. Not Pioneer though, oh noes, the company is opening its second US store; this time in Phoenix. The store is loaded with KURO displays, Blu-ray players, Elite speakers, and its Premier line of car electronics. Plus, previously Japanese-exclusive products are… Read More

  • Pioneer's HDJ-2000 headphones would look great on you at Pacha

    Let’s say your name is, I don’t know, Jonathan Peters or Jojo Flores or Armand Van Helden. As a DJ you need a pair of solid headphones, ones that not only sound good but look good. (It’s a vain industry, DJing.) Are these Pioneer HDJ-2000 headphones what the doctor ordered? Who knows—I haven’t heard them yet—but given Pioneer’s pedigree I’d… Read More

  • Pioneer ships the LX010BD Blu-ray HTIB to the UK

    We all knew that eventually Blu-ray would hit the home theater in a box market and while the Pioneer LX010BD isn’t the first, it seems well equipped. For £2000 ($3,137 USD) British AV snobs will be rock’n out to 5.1 audio sound out of dodecahedron compact speakers (it means 12-sided shape, playboy) that claim to produce omni-directional sound for a better surround experience. Read More

  • Jury: Samsung violated Pioneer's plasma TV patents, has to pay $59 million

    A federal jury found yesterday that Samsung willfully infringed two of Pioneer’s patents covering plasma televisions. As such, the Korean electronics giant will have to cough up (“cough up” is the technical term, mind you) some $59 million, payable to Pioneer. As you might expect, Samsung plans to appeal the ruling forever and ever. Sorta interesting: a Japanese… Read More

  • Europe getting two new Limited Edition Pioneer Kuro plasmas

    Pioneer is making two Limited Edition Kuro HDTVs available to lucky Euro A/V trash this Holiday season. It seems these editions are simply the KRP-500A with a different color bezel options. They sport the same external set-top box style input receiver, extreme black contrast ratio and the rest of the stellar Pioneer specs. Only 1,000 KRP-500ABG beige models and 1,500 KRP-500AW white… Read More

  • Three Pioneer Blu-ray players earn DivX cert.

    DivX is making its way into more and more CE devices. Pioneer’s latest Blu-ray players couldn’t withstand the DivX invasion and the BDP-LX71, BDP-LX08 and BDP-51FD all earned the certification that states the unit can playback high-quality DivX material. These players are already shipping worldwide, so just because yours doesn’t carry the logo on the front bezel… Read More

  • Pioneer's SE-CLX50 earphones have Flex Nozzles, for comfort!

    The latest in earphone design, as seen in the Pioneer SE-CLX50? What the company calls Flex Nozzle, which allows the ‘phones to be moved about in several directions. Makes them more comfortable to wear, apparently. The earphones will be available in the three colors you see right up there when they’re released in November for around $73. That seems an awful lot of money for, shall… Read More

  • Pioneer bringing LCDs to US in 2009

    For the first time ever, Pioneer is going to start selling LCD TVs here in the States starting next year. This cames after years of battling the endless plasma verse LCD war. The two sets, already on sale in Europe, are a 37- and 32-inch with the LCD panels coming from Sharp. I wouldn’t expect anything groundbreaking from the LCDs as Pioneer still probably wants to keep the focus on… Read More

  • CEDIAcrunch hands-on: Pioneer BDP-09FD Elite Blu-ray player

    Pioneer has one killer Blu-ray player on their hands. The BDP-09FD is a monster and thanks to the geeky venue that is CEDIA, the CE company had the player naked for all the world to peep. It’s shipping to videophiles sometime in the 4Q for a whopping $2,200. Read More

  • None more black: Pioneer's Kuro Monitors

    Let’s start with a quote: The Elite KURO Signature Series PRO-101FD (50-inch class) and PRO-141FD (60-inch class) monitors are now shipping for the suggested price of $5,500 and $7,000, respectively. 50 inches of pure black Kuro for $5,500? Where do I sign? Pioneer is launching two new high-end monitors – probably for retail and design use – that offer monstrous blacks in… Read More

  • Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD: Damn, Jimmy, this is the Elite sh*t

    Now that Blu-Ray has five years to live, it’s important for CE manufacturers to pump out as much hardware as possible so that soon my son can bring me a BD disc and, while snickering grandly, will ask “You guys used these?” in the same way I once laughed at Laserdiscs. The BDP-09FD plays BD, CD, and DVD disks and includes upconverting and BD-Live features. The drive will… Read More

  • Pioneer architectural speakers blend into your foreclosed McMansion

    Just in case you needed to spend a little more on our eventual economic downfall, here are some nice internal speakers from Pioneer that promise to blend into to your Deserted Island tan color scheme. The Elite EX Series in-wall speakers come in multiple forms including in-wall and angled in-ceiling models The Elite line starts at $1,799 each while the CST in-wall units cost about $499 a pair. Read More

  • Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD Blu-ray player leaks out

    Most AV guys will tell you that, currently, the best Blu-ray player on the market is the PS3. That reign is going to come smashing down when the Pioneer Elite BDP-09FD hits the market though. Simply put: this is one bad mother. 50lbs of steel and aluminum, this Blu-ray player is the stuff some guys dream about. Well, maybe just our dreams. The BDP-09FD is the first Pioneer unit to… Read More

  • Pioneer PDP-LX6090 plasma wins EISA award

    Pioneer’s stunning PDP-LX6090 Kuro plasma was just recognized at EISA by winning “European Plasma-TV 2008-2009.” HD enthusiests have known for a while that the Kuro line of plasma TVs are top notch and now there is a blue ribbon to prove it. The blacks are, well, black and guess about the whites. Yeah, they are white. The judges agrees.  Thanks to an amazingly… Read More

  • Forget holographs, how about 500GB Blu-ray

    Pioneer announced plans for a 500GB 16 layer optical disc, only a month after it said it was developing a 400GB version. Oh, and the latest mammoth disc will have the same potential Blu-ray compatibility. Brendan Sheridan, division product manager at Pioneer Multimedia, said: “While Blu-ray discs, offering both 25GB and 50GB, are sufficient for users’ current demands, we envision… Read More

  • Pioneer will have a Blu-Ray recorder by year’s end

    Pioneer announced Tuesday that they plan to have a Blu-ray recorder out by the end of the year in Japan. They plan to accomplish this with help from Sharp, Pioneer’s top shareholder. This comes as no surprise since the demand for Blu-ray recorders is likely jump since the format war is over, although like the players themselves, sales will almost certainly be below expectations. At this… Read More

  • Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD plasma HDTV reviewed

    The HD Guru recently reviewed the 50-inch Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-111FD and, after putting the $5,000 premium plasma through its paces, called it “simply the best” HDTV he’s ever tested. Why so good, you ask? Well, the black levels are so dark that the HD Guru’s current test equipment couldn’t even measure them, the energy consumption levels are pretty admirable… Read More

  • Pioneer develops world's first 16-layer disc with 400 GB capacity

    Today Pioneer announced [JP] they – as the first company in the world – managed to develop a 16-layer optical disc with a capacity of 400 GB. In other words, each layer boasts the capacity of a 25 GB Blu-ray disc currently available for retail. Pioneer said the new discs will be compatible with existing Blu-ray hardware but are read-only at the moment. The company is currently… Read More

  • Sony to boost production of TVs with FED technology

    Field Emission Technologies, a Sony affiliate, is preparing to mass-produce a new kind of flat panel starting 2009. Sony owns 37.8 percent of the company. The so-called FEDs (field emission displays) offer higher picture quality than LCDs. Backlighting FEDs is not necessary so that they are said to be twice as energy-efficient as LCDs. While Sony’s first OLED-TV, the XEL-1, measures… Read More

  • XM, EMI settle Pioneer Inno lawsuit: EMI didn't like the Inno's recording feature

    Lonely planet XM and EMI have finally settled a lawsuit over the Pioneer Inno. The Inno, if you don’t remember, is a portable XM radio that can record content onto its hard drive. Record companies had a problem with this, of course, for the same reason they complain about everything: it facilitated piracy, it denied them revenue, etc. Why buy a song, preferably in CD format, when you… Read More

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