• AT&T To Offer Exclusive Pink Lumia 900 Starting On July 15

    AT&T To Offer Exclusive Pink Lumia 900 Starting On July 15

    If you thought the standard black, white, and cyan Lumia 900s just weren’t eye-catching enough, you may want to keep your schedule clear this Sunday. Nokia confirmed earlier this year that they would spice up their flagship Lumia 900 line with a splash of magenta, but at the time they were awfully coy about when the device would actually ship. That’s thankfully no longer the… Read More

  • Ready To Wear A Pink Watch? Chopard Gran Turismo XL Limited Edition

    I put this question before you now: Can a man wear a pink watch and retain his masculinity? I made fun of the first guy I saw wearing a “salmon” colored shirt. But, today, it isn’t that uncommon. Worn properly, and in the right style, pink isn’t always out-of-place. So I wonder, has the time come when a man can get away with wearing a pink watch? Read More

  • Japan Gets Sony NEX-3 In Pink

    We spent quite a few posts on Sony’s excellent NEX cameras over the past months, but big S waited until today to announce [JP] a model in pink. To be more specific, Sony will be selling the NEX-3 with a double lens kit, branded as NEX-3D. Technically, this model is the same as the previous NEX-3 that was upgraded with a 3D panoroma sweep mode in July. Read More

  • Pink Sony Vaio prompts question: who buys pink gadgets?

    Look, it’s a pink Sony Vaio. Amazing, right? No, no it’s not. Can anyone answer this question: why do companies think that by making an otherwise unremarkable item PINK that women will AUTOMATICALLY want it? Silly. Read More

  • Microsoft Turtle and Pure deets are revealed

    With the huge announcement of Windows Phone 7 out of the way, we’re anticipating what was rumored about another Microsoft phone last week: news about a project Pink revival. Before Microsoft can say anything officially, however, the folks over at WMExperts have unearthed some gritty details about the coming phones. Read More

  • Microsoft's Pink concept phone becomes less of a concept, shows up on FCC

    Remember when people were all excited about Microsoft’s weird tablet stuff? And the phone they were supposed to make? Well, it seems the FCC has released images of an upcoming “Turtle” phone, the PB10ZU. Read More

  • Microsoft gearing up to announce Windows Mobile 7 on February 15, project Pink moves forward

    It’s finally happening. Maybe. According to sources close to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft is going to make a pretty big announcement at Mobile World Congress on February 15. After acknowledging that Windows Mobile isn’t exactly where it should be in terms of development and progression, Microsoft appears to be ready to announce and unveil Windows Mobile 7. But what happened… Read More

  • Now in more colors: Panasonic's GF1 digital camera

    Two weeks ago, we reported about Amazon starting to sell white and red versions of Panasonic’s excellent GF1 digital camera in America (through a reseller). And today, Panasonic in Japan announced [JP] the camera will be available in two more body colors, namely “blade” silver and “fairy” pink. Read More

  • "Jill Stuart Sweet Package": Japan gets very cute, very pink PSP

    Sony seems to believe in the power of pink PSPs. Not even four weeks after giving us the PSP-3000 Blossom Pink, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan today announced [JP] another pink PSP for the Japanese market. Dubbed “Jill Stuart Sweet Limited Package”, this new special edition was designed in collaboration with American fashion brand Jill Stuart. Read More

  • Sony Japan to roll out a limited edition PSP and a new PS3 bundle

    Gamers who’ve always wanted to own a PSP in pink, here’s your chance: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan today announced [JP] exactly that, a limited edition of their handheld system in so-called blossom pink. Needless to say that technically, this pink PSP 3000 isn’t different from a standard model. Read More

  • Microsoft's Project Pink gets a new agency

    Ah, Project Pink, I haven’t heard anything from or about you in quite a long time. But it looks like Redmond made some key changes to its agency roster and McCann picked up the “Pink” account. McCann also handles Windows Mobile. According to ZDnetter Mary Jo Foley, Pink will be built on top of Windows Mobile 7, which MS plans to release the code for this fall when WinMo… Read More

  • OmniMount goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month

    Just in case you wanna support the fine work done by the American Cancer Society to fight breast cancer, OmniMount has a pink Prism50 TV stand up on eBay for you. The stand was created in partnership with Karim Rashid – apparently some important, designer chick. The auction is running today through October 27, 2008 with allĀ theĀ proceeds be added to what Team OmniMount raises for a… Read More

  • Samsung Soulb (U800) gets pink'd up

    When the Samsung Soul went pink back in June, we were a bit surprised that it’s younger brother, the Soulb, wasn’t getting the same treatment. Turns out, it was – it’s just a few months late to the party. The UK’s Phones4u has announced that they will be exclusively offering a pink Soulb starting in October. It’s all the same inside (HSDPA, 3 megapixel… Read More

  • iRiver's all inclusive Lplayer

    iRiver has finally launched its “impressively small and sleek” Lplayer in the U.S., following the “multifunctional” digital player’s debut in Korea. The Lplayer features a 2-inch TFT LCD screen, and iRiver’s ‘D-Click’ navigation, which means you control the device by pressing on the outer edges of the screen, as well as 4 hours of video playback… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Komen Milano

    Looking for that special gift for the lady in your life? Or maybe your ready to tell the lady in your life that you’ve been following (but doesn’t know you exist) how much she means to you. Or maybe you really like pink and you want to give a little to a worthy cause. Whatever the case, consider the Komen Milano from Mobile Edge. It’s made of faux pink crocodile and 10% of… Read More

  • Western Digital Passport gets Pink

    Boobs. We love em, right? Of course we do and so does Western Digital. Not to downplay the importance of supporting breast cancer research or anything, but pink products make me barf. I hate pink. I hate guys that wear pink and think they look cool. You’re a tool, dude. Girls and pink are fine. It’s a feminine thing. Totally don’t know where I’m going with this. Anyhoo… Read More

  • Apple Supports Breast Cancer Research With Pink iPod Shuffle

    I wasn’t aware that Apple was doing anything to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, but it doesn’t surprise me, though. The pink Shuffles have surfaced at Target stores across the country. This particular one was captured in Santa Maria, CA and includes a $15 iTunes store gift card, but it’s still $79! Anyone else seen a pink Shuffle at your local Target? We… Read More