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Pink Floyd drummer invests in Disciple Media, a platform aimed at the creator economy

Much has been made of the rise of the “creator economy” in the last year. With the pandemic biting, millions flooded online, looking for a way to make money or promote themselves. The podcasting w

Pink Floyd only wants you to download their entire albums, not individual songs

<img src="" />There was an interesting debate on today's Ron and Fez that speaks to a subject we've been whinging about for some time now: di

How Pink Floyd recorded "Money"

<img src="">This could quite possibly be the first looped beat. Just listen to how they put all this together. I could take or leave Floyd - I

EMI's DRM-free Sales Are Working

Plenty of people looked disgusted with EMI’s decision to turn its catalog of music loose, free of DRM. Now it seems the tables have turned, as EMI’s DRM-free approach to selling digital mu