pink floyd

  • Pink Floyd only wants you to download their entire albums, not individual songs

    There was an interesting debate on today’s Ron and Fez that speaks to a subject we’ve been whinging about for some time now: digital delivery of content, specifically of music. Pink Floyd has won a court ruling that will put an end to places like iTunes selling its songs individually. The band feels that their music can only truly be appreciated in the album format, from start… Read More

  • How Pink Floyd recorded "Money"

    This could quite possibly be the first looped beat. Just listen to how they put all this together. I could take or leave Floyd – I didn’t smoke enough in high school – but this is just beautiful. I think the most hilarious thing is that we can all basically do this with Garage Band and a cheap Fender whereas even a decade ago you’d have a hard time recreating this piece… Read More

  • EMI's DRM-free Sales Are Working

    Plenty of people looked disgusted with EMI’s decision to turn its catalog of music loose, free of DRM. Now it seems the tables have turned, as EMI’s DRM-free approach to selling digital music is working out quite well. According to reports, Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon has seen a sales increase between 272 and 350 percent, while OK Go’s Oh No has increased 77 percent. Read More