• iPhone App Developer Pinger Reaches Profitability; Textfree Surpasses One Billion Messages

    Pinger has flown relatively under the radar for an app developer that has launched 14 apps that have all reached the top 100 iPhone apps in the App store. The startup’s Textfree app has surpassed more than 1 Billion text messages sent in less than 9 months. The app allows owners to send free text messages to any US mobile phone, including replies. The app has a free version which… Read More

  • Think Before You Voicemail

    Voicemail is dead. Please tell everyone so they’ll stop using it. When I first started out in the real world in the mid-nineties voicemail was an important productivity tool. I remember people talking about the pros and cons of various enterprise voicemail systems – which had the best forwarding and group messaging, which allowed for archiving, and how many messages could be stored… Read More

  • Pinger Now Commitment Free

    Voice messaging service Pinger no longer requires recipients to be pinger members in order to listen to messages on their mobile phones. Instead, upon receiving messages from Pinger users, recipients will be prompted by a text message to click and call a local number to hear the message. Previously non-members were emailed Pinger messages. Sending messages out and managing contact lists will… Read More

  • A look at eight multi-person SMS services

    The DEMO conference is wrapping up here in San Diego and unlike when it began 16 years ago the conference wasn’t dominated by mobile launches. None the less, there were some very interesting mobile services here like ScanR and Realeyes3D image scanning by mobile photo, Flurry‘s simple email and RSS on Java phones and Grand Central (which I’ve written about at length). 3Jam… Read More

  • Trying Out Pinger

    I met with Pinger founders Greg Woock and Joe Sipher last week to see a demo of their new mobile product launching later this year. This is a serious company with a dead simple, viral product in the mobile voice messaging space. Pinger, which was called Project Edgar at the time, raised $3 million from Kleiner Perkins in November 2005, and Kleiner partner Randy Komisar joined the board of… Read More