• Crocheted White Album vinyl: the perfect addition to a Beatlemaniac's couch

    We don’t cover pillows a lot here at CrunchGear, but this was too cool to pass up. I like the idea of knit, crocheted, and plush gadgets — I don’t know if that classifies as a fetish or anything, but I think they’re great. And this cute little crocheted record is no exception. That is all. Read More

  • Lessons in parenting: Here's a baby pillow with a built-in MP3 player

    Since being a lousy parent seems to be all the rage these days, here’s another weapon for your doing-the-bare-minimum arsenal. It’s a baby pillow—see how it contours to your child’s neck—that has a built-in MP3 player and speaker. Presumably you’d put your baby on the pillow (well, it’s merely a render, so you won’t be doing any of this, as a… Read More

  • Creepy ‘Hug Me Pillow’ is on sale!

    If you’ve been holding out for the weird one-armed “Hug Me Pillow” to drop from a lofty $44.95 down to a more manageable $29.99 then you, my friend, are in luck. Read More

  • Vibrating pillow alarm clock buzzes you awake but doesn’t wake bedmate(s)

    I’m on a new kick: silent wake-ups. The vibration setting on the SleepTracker watch I reviewed has turned out to be a far less agitating way to start the day than waking up to a blaring alarm clock. Read More

  • Geeky OS X pillows now have an official website: Throwboy

    You may have seen these nerdy little pillows around back in the day, but until now they haven’t really been readily available. I’ve already resorted to using a big sharpie on my own blank pillows, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Especially when the guy has launched a real live site and store dedicated to the cute little buggers. No third-party apps yet, which is too… Read More

  • Wake up with the 'glo Pillow'

    Good morning CrunchGear readers. Can I get you some coffee? Maybe some gadget news from around the Internet? Take your time getting up — let’s just ease into our Friday here, hmm-kay? How’d you sleep last night? I like the idea of the glo Pillow and I think I sleep lightly enough that this would be able to wake me up on its own without needing to rely on an alarm clock as well. Read More