FarmVille 2 Aporkalypse: Where Are The Pigs In Zynga’s New Social Gaming Cash-Cow?

FarmVille 2 is Zynga's second go at milking as much filthy lucre from its farm-based social gaming franchise as possible. There's no mystery to its existence. The franchise has been a runaway hit for

Japanese company sells earphones shaped like "cute and wild" pigs

Japanese accessory maker Green House today announced its GH-ERC-PIG series [JP], earphones shaped like little pigs. The animals, which the company says look “cute and wild”, are made of so

Hey, Pig: Porcine USB Card Reader

Need a USB 2.0 card reader? Need it in the shape of a pig? Need it to support SD, Compact Flash, xD, MemoryStick, Mini SD, T-flash/Micro SD? Wait… pig? Yes, Brando, salesman to the world, is off