piggy banks

  • New Japanese Piggy Bank: Rubik’s Cube Bank Requires Brain Power

    It’s been a long time since we last blogged about a Japanese piggy bank. But now we can show you the so-called Rubik’s Cube Bank [JP], which is made by Tokyo-based toy maker MegaHouse. As you can probably guess, this piggy bank requires brain power to save and get out money. Read More

  • Compulsory Savings: Tetris and Breakout piggy banks

    Piggy banks are boring. Tetris is not boring! Ergo, someone should make a Tetris piggy bank. Ah, there we go. If you don’t mind some of the most ear-piercing, agitating game music in the history of sound, then you might enjoy either the Breakout! or Tetris piggy banks being sold from Japan for about $40. A penny’s all you need to get a game up and running. You’ll have fun… Read More