• Now in more colors: Pig-shaped earphones

    Some Japanese gadget freaks do have a penchant for weird earphones, that’s for sure, meaning these things actually seem to sell. I doubt that otherwise, Tokyo-based accessory maker Greenhouse would have updated the buta (piggy) earphones they gave us in June 2008. It’s not a technical update but the same earphones are available in purple and orange now (see the picture above). Read More

  • iPig: Not what you call Steve Jobs when he pinches your buttock

    A pig. A speaker. An iPod. It may seem like a funny Matthew Mcconaughey but it’s actually the Speakal iPig, an iPod dock shaped like a pig. We’ve seen these things for a while now but now you can get your iPig in white, pink, and yellow and costs $139. This porcine dock has five internal speakers “pumping out” 25 watts of PURE ENERGY. It also has a 3.5mm jack for those… Read More