• Picwing Reboots With An iPhone App That Prints Photos For Your Mom

    Digital picture frames are nice, but they are not for everybody. Y Combinator startup Picwing found that out the hard way when not enough people bought its cool, but pricey, social digital picture frames which constantly updated with photos from the Web. But Picwing learned its lesson and rebooted earlier this year with a much better product centered around making it easier to print and… Read More

  • Picwing: a socially-connected digital photo frame

    TechCrunch has highlighted a startup called Picwing, one of Y Combinator’s many web services demoed yesterday. Some look pretty cool, and that praise may extend to this picture frame, which is essentially a social, cloud-based slideshow viewer at this point. Basically, you set up the service and set options for allowing friends and family to add photos to the mix. The idea of having a… Read More

  • Our Weekend Social Experiment

    Our weekend social experiment: Upload a picture, win a TechCrunch Tshirt. You may have noticed our post on Picwing earlier today. While we’re waiting 6-8 weeks for the damn picture frame to arrive, I’ve decided to create a new album that allows anyone to upload photos. Email an image to TCR@picwing.com and it will appear in the widget below. See the whole album here. Whoever… Read More

  • Picwing Debuts Their Social Digital Picture Frame

    Y Combinator startup Picwing launches today (see our coverage yesterday of the other Y Combinator startups launching this summer). Think of it as a social photo site with an associated digital photo frame. Once you set up an account you can set options that let others view and/or add photos as well. Photos are uploaded to the site via a unique email address. Photos can be viewed on the site… Read More