• Hands-on: Miniature LCOS Laser Picoprojector Is As Big As A Matchbox

    This amazing little projector, OEMed by XDM, a part of Explay in Japan, is truly something to behold. Smaller than a matchbox – it’s about an inch on each side – it pumps out an unspeckled 14 lumens image in full color at about 800 pixels on the top side. It small enough to fit in the upper corner of almost any phone and the aperture is so tiny it’s almost unnoticeable. Read More

  • Picoprojectors coming to handsets this year, says Samsung

    We’ve had a bit of talk lately about picoprojecters, the tiny, low-powered projectors that will someday be fitted into portable electronics. Samsung’s taking a lead in this field, claiming that it will debut phones this year with the tiny projectors included, courtesy of 3M. No word if we’re getting these or if it’s another “Asia has better stuff than us”… Read More

  • TI's DLP picoprojectors are real and have started production

    [photopress:ti_pico_dlp.jpg,full,center] Remember those microprojector chips TI was working on? The ones that could potentially implant tiny DLP picoprojectors into mobile phones? They’ve entered production and should “hit the street”, as we bloggers say, sometime in the middle of this year. That means they might — just might — make it into production models in… Read More