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  • Sprint Asks If Two Useless Things Can Become One Useful One With The LivePro Projector Hotspot

    Sprint Asks If Two Useless Things Can Become One Useful One With The LivePro Projector Hotspot

    Sprint is taking two devices with questionable utility and mashing them together to create a hybrid pocket projector/mobile hotspot that might actually succeed at making an actual Voltron out of pieces from the spare-parts bin. The Sprint LivePro is a small device (4.7-inches by 4.7-inches, with a thickness of 1.1 inches) that offers a built-in 4-inch display with Android 4.2 for direct access… Read More

  • Gift Guide: Samsung Galaxy Beam

    Gift Guide: Samsung Galaxy Beam

    The Samsung Galaxy Beam is an Android powered smartphone that has a pico projector embedded into its top edge so you can beam on-screen content onto a wall or other large surface. As well as projecting video and photo content, the projector feature can be used for giving presentations or to beam out decorative projections set to music to create a fun, party atmosphere. Read More

  • Behold The Lightbulb Computer

    Pico computing is nothing new, but this takes it to a whole new level. This particular set up uses a light bulb socket as a mount (but not as a source of power). Conceived, designed, and produced by some students at MIT, this computer uses a pico projector to put a touch display on any surface. The students mounted the computer on a motorized arm, allowing it to track movements. Most… Read More

  • Hi Lux Pico Projector phone for $174? OK, I'll bite

    This Chinese phone is trying desperately to look like a Vertu but features one of the most massive pico projectors I’ve ever seen. The NCBC 888 phone with a built in pico projector takes media on a mobile phone to the next level. Anyone who has ever had to stare at a smallish screen (even if it is up to 4 inches) knows that after a while there eyes will begin to tire. Not with the… Read More

  • Microvision's ShowWX pico-projector goes on sale today

    Ready to get your pico-projector on? The Microvision ShowWX goes on sale today at 12:00 EST. Get excited. Read More

  • Japanese company sells mini USB projector

    A Japanese company called Sanwa is selling the 400-PRJ001 [JP], a portable projector that can be connected to your PC via USB (you’ll need two ports). Sized at 62.1×18.6×89.3mm, the device is really tiny and weighs 85g. Read More

  • Coming soon: camcorders with built-in pico projectors

    The pico projection thing might be getting a little out of hand. Sure, the projectors themselves are cool, and it’s hard to say no to cute accessories like this thing, but with pico projectors planned for phones, media players, and now little camcorders, things are getting a bit… projectionable. Read More

  • Hands-on with Sony Ericsson's G9 and the KDDI iida mini projector

    I had the opportunity to test Sony Ericsson’s newest mobile phone, the G9, in Tokyo today. The device is the first KDDI au is selling in Japan under the so-called iida brand. It’s not officially on sale yet, but I could lay my hands on finished versions for a few minutes in a KDDI showroom. The G9 will be available in Japan next week. Read More

  • CES Video: Samsung ships world's first pico projector enabled cell phone, the Show

    Did I call it or what? This is, at the moment, the first and only mobile phone with TI’s DLP pico projector technology. It will ship later this month in Korea but we’ll have to wait until later this year to see if Samsung decides to ship it Stateside. As you’ll see in the video the device is capable of projecting all sorts of content at a decent resolution. Rather than… Read More

  • Samsung announces the MBP200 pico projector

    What’d I tell you last night? Didn’t I say TI’s DLP pico projectors would make a splash at CES this year? Read More

  • Wowwee's CES offerings are very interesting

    From the makers of those superfluous robotic toys comes a handful of useful and rather interesting offerings for this year’s CES. A DLP pico projector that bends 90-degrees? Hell yes. That’s the Cinemin Swivel. The Cinemin Stick is a little smaller and takes SD cards, but doesn’t bend over backward. There’s also an iPod dock dubbed the Cinemin Station. Did I mention… Read More

  • Source: Dell to release pico projector accessory this year

    We have it on good authority that Dell will release a pico projector accessory later this year, most likely powered by a USB connection. So far, we’ve only seen prototype pico-projectors, like the kind youngish Peter Ha saw at the weekend. Specifics, including price, release date and so forth are nowhere in sight, so hang tight for a bit longer. Read More