• Google: Flickr Can Keep Using Picnik. Yahoo: We Have No Comment.

    Earlier today, in writing about Google buying the photo-editing service Picnik, we noted that the most interesting thing about the buy may be that Picnik is currently Flickr’s default photo editor. Upon hearing the news, we reached out to both Google and Yahoo (which owns Flickr) to see what it means for the future of the partnership. The responses were interesting. Google, for its… Read More

  • Google Buys Flickr Photo Editor Picnik

    Google Buys Flickr Photo Editor Picnik

    Google has acquired online photo editing site Picnik, according to a blog post made by the photo editing startup today. Google also announced the acquisition on its blog. The entirety of Picnik’s blog post is embedded below.Terms of the deal were not disclosed in either posts. Terms of the deal were not disclosed in the post. Picnik is one of the fastest growing photo sites on the web. Read More

  • The Naked Truth 2009 Slides: Show Me The Money

    Taking place tonight in Seattle is The Naked Truth 2009, a Redfin-hosted conference to give entrepreneurs advice. Michael is there participating as an expert to discuss industry trends. This year’s topic is revenue models for consumer Internet startups. The four presenting startups, Redfin, UrbanSpoon, Picnik and Animoto have some interesting information to share via their slides… Read More

  • Yahoo Mail, Now With Extra Apps: PayPal, Picnik, Zumo Drive and Xoopit

    Yahoo is introducing a slew of new applications that aim to complement its free webmail service today. Since December last year, Yahoo features a number of third-party applications inside Yahoo Mail, such as Xoopit, Flickr and Flixster, all in a good effort to reduce the amount of websites you need to visit as well as time you need to spend to perform certain task related to communicating… Read More

  • Picnik Is Emerging As One Of The Fastest-Growing Photo Sites On The Web

    When I was looking at traffic numbers for the top photo sites this weekend, another stat caught my eye. Online photo editing site Picnik is also quickly climbing the ranks of photo sites from seemingly nowhere. In January, according to comScore, the site attracted 6.6 million unique visitors worldwide, a tenfold increase from the year before. On comScore’s list of the largest photo… Read More

  • Adobe Unveils Webtop Version of Photoshop. Picnik Is Not Scared.

    As I alluded to in an earlier post, online photo-editing applications keep getting better as the competition heats up between startups like Picnik and FotoFlexer. Today, a very large competitor, Adobe, is entering the market by releasing a Web-based version of Photoshop for editing pictures called Photoshop Express. It is in public beta and anyone can sign up. Photoshop Express is by no… Read More

  • FotoFlexer Tries To Take On Picnik With a New Look

    As consumer applications continue to migrate from the desktop to the Webtop, one of the most advanced areas where this trend is taking hold is in photo-editing software. Desktop editing apps like iPhoto, Picassa and even Photoshop are giving way to Web-based apps like FotoFlexer and Picnik (and many more). And the Webtop photo editors just keep getting better. Today, FotoFlexer released… Read More

  • Picnik Now Offers Premium Features For Free

    Online image editing startup Picnik has announced that users will now have full access to all of Picniks editing features for free. Tools now available to all users include advanced edit tools, special effects, additional fonts and shapes. The service will be ad supported, but those wanting an ad free experience can sign up for Picnik Premium for $24.95 a year. Why the change? This is how… Read More

  • CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: Picknik, the online photo editor

    Hate opening Photoshop, that resource hog, just to resize an image? Me, too! That’s why I use Picnik, an online photo editor that uses the magic of Web 2.0 to—get this—edit photos. It can grab photos from your Flickr, Facebook, Picassa, Photobucket and Webshots account, or edit photos you have on your computer. There’s a premium version, too, that, for $25 a year, gets… Read More

  • Flickr To Add Online Photo Editing Tools Via Picnik

    Fotoflexer may be my personal favorite among the many online photo editing tools, but Flickr has chosen Seattle-based Picnik to handle the long requested photo editing feature for Flickr users. Currently, you can rotate photos on Flickr, but the editing stops there. When the new tools launch, users will be able to edit photos more extensively using the Picnik Flash based tools (see our… Read More

  • FotoFlexer Raises The Bar On Online Photo Editing

    Online photo editors keep getting better and better. For hardcore image manipulation, desktop software like Photoshop or Gimp will always have its place, but online editors are free, easy to use and a lot of fun. We covered most of the online editors back in February (Fauxto, Picnik, Picture2Life, Preloadr, PXN8 and Snipshot). But a relative newcomer on the scene, Berkeley-based FotoFlexer… Read More

  • Picasa Style Online Photo Editing With F8: Picnik

    Online photo editing continues to be a hot market. From Flektor, Slide and others with a MySpace focus, to Adobe’s development of an online version of Photoshop later this year, there’s a lot on offer or soon coming to a browser near you. Seattle based Picnik has grown an audience without gaining much attention. We previously covered the site in February as part of an overall… Read More

  • Online Photo Editing Overview

    The launch of Picnik a couple of days ago brought us yet another online photo editing tool. Like Fauxto, Picnik uses Flash, whereas most of the earlier editing tools all use Ajax for in-browser editing. Since all computers come with basic software that rotates, resizes and crops photos, there needs to be a compelling reason to use an online service. Uploading a photo to such a service, editing… Read More