Bitnami’s New Stacksmith Service Makes It Easier For Developer To Build Custom App Containers

Bitnami is probably best known for making it easy to deploy web apps, services and development environments with just a few clicks. As developers start moving to containers, Bitnami, too, has to chang

Google’s App Engine For PHP Hits General Availability

Google’s App Engine for PHP is now out of beta and generally available on the company’s platform as a service offering. This means PHP apps are now covered by Google’s App Engine s

Zend Delivers PHP Development Platform In AWS Marketplace

Zend, the commercial company behind the popular scripting language PHP, announced today, it was launching a PHP development service in the AWS marketplace, effectively making it a Platform as a Servi

Heroku Bets Big On PHP And Launches Native Support For Facebook’s HipHop VM

Cloud platform Heroku today announced a set of new tools for PHP developers that aim to give PHP the kind of enterprise-grade support the company already offers for Rails, Python, node.js and other la

SensioLabs Raises $6.9 Million To Implement Its PHP Framework ‘Symfony’ Everywhere

French company SensioLabs raised $6.9 million (€5 million) from CM-CIC Capital Privé to expand its operations around the open-source PHP framework Symfony. While the startup is only a year old, the

PHP On Google App Engine Now Generally Available

PHP is now in preview on Google App Engine, fully available to the general public. The preview status means that it is no longer necessary for developers to whitelist their applications for deployment

In Praise Of Quick And Filthy

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Engine Yard Acquires Orchestra To Add PHP Support To Its PaaS

<a href="">Engine Yard</a>, a provider of Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions, this morning <a href="

Today's lesson: Know your opponent

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PHP Founder Rasmus Lerdorf Leaves Yahoo

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Basic Flaw Reveals Source Code to 3,300 Popular Websites

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