Enverus acquires solar planning solution RatedPower

Enverus, a company specialized in energy-focused software-as-a-service products, has announced that it has acquired RatedPower, a Spanish startup that helps you plan, design and optimize solar power p

Nanomaterials could double efficiency of solar cells by converting waste heat into usable energy

An experimental solar cell created by MIT researchers could massively increase the amount of power generated by a given area of panels, while simultaneously reducing the amount of waste heat. Even bet

Mainstreaming The Smart Grid

The October anniversary of Hurricane Sandy -- which knocked out power in over 8,100,000 homes in 17 states and was the second-costliest hurricane in U.S. history -- has served as an opportunity to ref

Even If Solar Grows 30X, It Will Only Be 4% Of America's Power Capacity

<img src="" />For all the talk about solar, the US market for solar power still has a long way to go before it makes a real dent in the countr

Solar Electricity To Power 200,000 U.S. Homes By End of 2010

<img src="" width="300" height="216" class="alignright size-medium wp-image-230954" /></a> Solar is likely to surpass one gigawatt o

Transparent solar cells put windows to good use

Windows are so boring. All you can do is look through them. In this age of convergence, where devices do more than one thing, windows are so old school, right? Wrong! RSi Solar has introduced “t