Photosynth returns as a feature in Microsoft’s Pix camera app

Earlier this year, Microsoft shut down Photosynth, its service for stitching multiple images into panoramas and semi-3D models. When it launched in 2008, the service was extremely impressive, but it n

Google Adds 3D Photo Tours To Google Maps

Google just <a href="">added</a> a cool new feature to Google Maps that lets you see photo tours of <a href="http

The Top 20 iPhone And iPad Apps of 2011

It’s telling that Apple chose an app that debuted more than 14 months ago, Instagram, as its “<a href="">iPhon

Indie game "Trauma" uses Photosynth (?) as control method

<img src="" />You may remember Photosynth, the impressive yet somehow unsatisfying photo collage tool from Microsoft. Though I always thrille

Double Happiness: Microsoft Integrates Photosynth With Virtual Earth

<img src="" width="215" height="136" /><a href="">Microsoft</a> is today announcing the integration of <a href

Macs Now Play Nice With Photosynth's Nifty 3D Photo Albums

<a href=""><img src="" width="215" height="84" /></a> <a href="

iSynth Brings Microsoft's Powerful 3D Photo Viewer Photosynth To The iPhone

<img src="" width="215" height="142" /><a href="

CNN's Inauguration Photosynth will blow your mind

<img src="" alt="" />You've likely seen Photosynth in action before, but reader KSA sent this in and we thought we'd share. Look at a

Live maps now includes Photosynth links

Although the utility of having Photosynths integrated with Live maps is questionable at the moment when compared with Street View, it’s only a matter of time before the map is a little more satu

A Photosynth: Samsung's TV Wall @ IFA 2008

First off, Photosynth only works on Windows machines. That includes creating them and merely viewing them. I made this one using Boot Camp on my MacBook. That out of that way, this is a quick little P

Microsoft Celebrates Photosynth Server Failure, Surprised People Like It

In the startup world, server spikes and downtime are a fact of life. We’ve seen countless startups fall prey to the huge rushes of traffic they receive at launch, and while it can be frustrating

Up Close With Microsoft's Photosynth: Stitch Photos Together Auto-Magically

[] I got to cruise over to Smith Tower yesterday to talk with Microsoft Live Labs about Photosynth, and as of this writing the site should be live and all the th

Photosynth! It's here, it's awesome, and now it's yours for free

[] I got to cruise over to Smith Tower yesterday to talk with Microsoft Live Labs about Photosynth, and as of this writing the site should be live and all the th

Really damn cool: Photosynth team demos new version of compositing app

[youtube] Wow, this is really, really goddamn cool. I love how the “skeleton” crea

Microsoft Photosynth Covers Shuttle Endeavour Pre-Launch

I’m a big fan of all the 3D imaging tools in development around the net. Microsoft’s Photosynth project is clearly the most ambitious – it takes thousands of photographs of a geograp

The 3D Real/Virtual World Hybrid: How Far Away?

[youtube] How long will it be until we can stroll through the streets in a virtual world that is identical to our own? Given the state of a number of technol

Microsoft to present fly-through photo app, PhotoSynth

A team from Microsoft Live Labs will present a prototype of an awesome looking new photo tool at tomorrow’s SIGGRAPH conference in Boston. Called Photosynth, the tool will compile multiple image