• Video Demo Of Real Photoshop On iPad

    Eric over at Photography Bay captured this demo of Adobe’s in-development Photoshop app for iPad on video. It’s way more full-featured than the Photoshop Express already available — if file management was a little easier, this would go a long way towards making my iPad an actual full-powered blogging station. There’s no release date yet, but I can’t wait. Read More

  • Adobe announces Creative Suite 5, wallets flinch

    Adobe made it official today, the CS5 package is now available for pre-order. You can also order just the bits and pieces you want, if you don’t want to drop $1,899 for the full monty. Photoshop CS5 is looking particularly tasty, with the new content-aware fill at the top of my list of stuff I want to check out. Take a look at the demo video after the jump. Read More

  • Fun with Photoshop CS5's Content-Aware Fill

    If only this were true, friends. If only this were true. Click through for the original, amazing, and real Adobe video. Read More

  • Adobe releases Mobile editor for Android developers

    Adobe this morning announced that third-party developers now have access to the Mobile for Android 1.1 editor, allowing them to make it a part of their applications. The news comes four months after the company released Mobile for Android, enabling users to easily edit and share their photos. That app got an upgrade, too. Amusingly, Adobe also takes a bit of a swing… Read More

  • Newegg's Shell Shocker needs many exclamation points: Adobe Photoshop Elements for $49

    Newegg has the most ridiculous names for its sales. For example, today we have SHELL SHOCKER, written in some aggressive-looking font, along with a picture of a broken shell, to drive home the theme. As for the deal itself, I spy Adobe Photoshop Elements for $49, a full 44 percent off the regular price. Read More

  • Aviary Launches Falcon, A Browser Based Image Editor

    Aviary, the small New York-based startup with the ambitions of recreating Adobe Photoshop’s most popular design tools in the browser, has launched a simple, free tool, called Falcon, that lets you quickly grab and edit images within the browser. Falcon, since it is web-based and works in any browser, can be used on a Mac or PC. Skitch, another similar fast, simple editing tool, is a… Read More

  • Free iService trojan removal tool for the greedy people

    So you wanted to steal CS4 and got nothing but a trojan for your mac. Now you are sad. Let me cheer you up by letting you know that SecureMac released a free removal tool to clean your mess up. Happy? Read More

  • Heads up, there's a trojan in a popular pirated Mac Photoshop CS4 distro

    Heads up, freaks. There’s a trojan inside a certain Adobe Photoshop CS4 for Mac crack generator that’s spreading around. (Type “photoshop cs4 mac crack” in The PirateBay for the offending file.) It’s a variant of a trojan that was first discovered last week, so that means this trojan is getting around. Read More

  • Software makes an ugly face beautiful

    Israeli scientists have developed software that turns your ugly mug into a mathematically beautiful visage. Yes, we have evolved a great deal, us humans. What the software (a Photoshop plugin) does is alters a face to make it “look” more attractive, based on mathematics and “perceived” attractiveness. If you’ve watched any of those TLC or Discovery Channel… Read More