• You Suck at Photoshop #11 Welcome back, Donnie! We’ve all missed you. Read More

  • Yes, Virginia, Adobe Photoshop ‘CS4’ will have new UI

    The next version of Adobe Photoshop, which may not be called CS4, and may not come out in October, will indeed have a new user interface, at least on the Mac version. The big change is this element called the application frame, as seen in the above screenshot. Reaction to the new UI element has been mixed, including early protestations by an Adobe gentleman, who has since been won over by the… Read More

  • You Suck at Photoshop #10 What happened to Donnie?! Read More

  • Students get significant discount at Photoshop World Conference

    [photopress:psworlddd.jpg,full,center] Kids looking to “make it” as a graphic designer (good luck!) may want to consider heading down to Orlando next month for the Photoshop World Conference. It’s a gathering of Photoshop’s best and brightest, as well as those who employ them. So, you go down there, futz around for a bit, exchange e-mail addresses and hope that one day… Read More

  • You Suck at Photoshop #9 Just watch it, artard. Teletubbies? Read More

  • You Suck at Photoshop #8 I, too, wish I were a semi-professional go-kart racer sans restrictive unitards, though. Heh. Previous episodes can be found here. Read More

  • You Suck at Photoshop #7 I find it extremely ironic that the Fonz makes an appearance in this installment of the YSAP. Why? Well, after episode 6 a few people muttered something about it having jumped the shark. I personally think it’s still funny. How Donnie ends this episode is proof that it hasn’t jumped the shark. I’m still laughing. What… Read More

  • You Suck at Photoshop #6: Donnie is really grumpy and needs to poo Donnie really has a crappy life and I feel bad for him. When you can’t take a dump it’s really uncomfortable. Poor bastard. Read More

  • Crunchdeals: Photoshop CS 3 for ~$300, no shadiness necessary

    If you feel like getting a legal copy of Photoshop CS3, it’ll run you North of $650 normally. But those miserly geniuses over at Photography Bay have figured that you can get it for half that if you’re careful. It seems you can upgrade Photoshop Elements to CS3 for $300 directly from Adobe, and if you don’t have Elements, you can get it for $37 at Amazon. Total cost: $337… Read More

  • Aviary Invites Readers To Try Their Online Design Suite

    When I first saw Aviary I called it an incredibly ambitious art project. Aviary is creating a online creativity ecosystem that consists of a Flash based graphics suite tied to a marketplace where artists can sell their creations. For the suite, the New York based team of 12 has been developing over 14 graphics tools ranging from pattern generators to vector based graphic editors. They’ve… Read More

  • Hey, guess what? You still suck at Photoshop!

    I know many of you have grown fond of Donnie and his shenanigans. So, today we have the fifth installment of “You Suck at Photoshop.” Don’t you dare use that magic wand tool or I’ll gank that juice box and fruit roll up. Read More