• Yi’s camera brings some underdog to the Micro Four Thirds market

    Yi’s camera brings some underdog to the Micro Four Thirds market

    You may know Yi Technologies from its action cameras or its fancy, carbon-fiber drones, but at Photokina, the company launched its first mirrorless Micro Four Thirds camera, the Yi M1. Sporting a 20 mpx Sony IMX269 sensor, a high-quality 3-inch touch-screen and a raft of sharing-friendly features, it’s crashing into a space that has been stale for a while. Read More

  • Contest: Would your Dad like some 3D printed metal cufflinks?

    Good news, people with Dads or Dad analogs! Show Pop you care with Shapeways custom cufflinks. Shapeways can offer two winning CrunchGear/TechCrunch readers each a pair of the custom 3D printed metal cufflinks as a Father’s Day gift. The final shipping date for this item is May 26, 2009, so be sure to let me know the winners prior to then. These items MSRP for $49, including shipping… Read More

  • Sigma unveils new compact camera, the DP2

    Sigma Japan today unveiled the Sigma DP2 [JP], the successor model to the DP1, which was released earlier this year and received lukewarm reviews. As of now, there is no word of the new camera on Sigma’s American web site. The Sigma DP2 features a 3-layer 14 megapixel Foveon X3 sensor (2,652×1,768) with an updated True (“Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine”) image… Read More

  • More Leica S-Series shots, it looks really really nice

    I want one. We just found out about this thing a couple hours ago, and now the official Photokina release is leaked. A commenter at the source says the camera will cost €20,000, or about $30,000. Significantly lower than I thought, and definitely competitive with other Pro setups like Leaf and Hasselblad. The interface on the LCD (4 corner buttons, like Simon) looks weird, but I’m… Read More

  • First hands-on with the Pentax K2000, K-m DSLR

    There it is, sports fans, the K2000 aka K-m. It’s a small, lightweight true entry-level DSLR from Pentax. A lot of folks over at dpreview and other forums weren’t so sure the K2000 was small enough or lightweight enough, but I can tell you that it’s significantly smaller and lighter (20.8 ounces) than the K200D (24.3 ounces). The controls are well placed and the camera can… Read More

  • Pentax announces DA* 60-250mm f/4 ED[IF] SDM, DA* 55mm f/1.4 SDM, AF160FC Ring Flash, DA 15mm f/4 ED AL Limited lens and 1.4X Rear Converter SDM at Photokina

    Also announced at Photokina from Pentax are the following lenses, flash and other trinkets: DA* 60-250mm f/4 ED[IF] SDM, DA* 55mm f/1.4 SDM, AF160FC Ring Flash, DA 15mm f/4 ED AL Limited lens and 1.4X Rear Converter SDM. The * lenses are dust and water resistant and also come with extra-low dispersion (ED) optical elements. They’ve also been treated with Pentax’s original… Read More

  • Pentax announces entry-level DSLR, K2000 aka K-m at Photokina

    The K-m was “leaked” several days ago and today at Photokina, Pentax officially announced the K-m aka K2000 (here in the US) DSLR. Most of the specs that were “leaked” are spot on and nothing much differs from the official announcement. What the leaks failed to mention was the bump in ISO to 3200, but a weaker AF with five points as opposed to the 11 you’ll find… Read More

  • Pentax K-m DSLR leaked along with the rest of the Photokina lineup

    Like whoa! There’s a ton of stuff swirling about Pentax’s Photokina lineup and multiple sites are reporting on it, so try and stick with me here. The German Pentax site “leaked” images and specs for a brief period of time and many of those at the Pentax Forums and dpreview forums were quick to gobble them up. Read More

  • Photokina 2008 is coming

    The third week of September, 2008, is notable for a few reasons. For one, Neil Diamond is playing in Seattle that week. For another, the Photokina trade fair happens in Cologne, Germany. Photokina is like CES for photographers and imagers of all kinds. This is where the latest and greatest DSLRs will be announced as well as tons of fun lenses and other gear. Canon, Nikon, and Pentax are… Read More

  • Pentax X-Change Concept Camera

    The implementation looks pretty creepy, but the idea here is cool. Pentax is showing off their X-Change concept point and shoot at PhotoKina this year and what they’ve come up with is a small, portable camera with replaceable lenses. The camera has no CCD. Instead, the CCD is built into the lens and is activated when you attach it to the body. This allows for varying focal lengths and… Read More