• Photojojo's Drone Rental Program

    Test Driving The ‘Drone Selfie’ With Photojojo’s New Rental Program (Video)

    Cave drawings, reflective pools of water, daguerreotypes, Instagram. If there’s one thing that humans have loved throughout history, it’s finding new ways to look at themselves, and photo technology that helps us do that just keeps getting better. But unless you happen to have thousands of spare dollars hanging around to drop on trying out new photo-taking toys, cool new things… Read More

  • Photojojo’s iPhone Lens Dial Ups Your Mobile Photography Game

    Photojojo’s iPhone Lens Dial Ups Your Mobile Photography Game

    I’ll admit that I’m a middling photographer at best, but that doesn’t stop me from buying all sort of expensive gear. Photojojo’s new iPhone accessory appeals to that same sense of camera gear lust in me but on a slightly smaller scale. The iPhone Lens Dial is an iPhone case with three different lenses mounted on the back, so you’ll never have to go long… Read More

  • #IswabbedforAmit Offers Up 20K To Find A Bone Marrow Donor For Startup Founder Amit Gupta

    #IswabbedforAmit Offers Up 20K To Find A Bone Marrow Donor For Startup Founder Amit Gupta

    I’ve never met Photojojo and Jelly co-founder Amit Gupta, but for the past two days or so my Twitter stream has been swamped with commentaryon his story. Diagnosed with acute Leukemia two weeks ago, Gupta has had trouble finding a bone marrow match, primarily because of the lack of donors from the South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Bhutani, MaldivianĀ and Sri… Read More

  • Shhhh… This Minox Spy Cam Is For Spying!

    Photojojo is selling this sexy little spy cam, similar in size and shape to Minox’s previous digital M3, for $179. It has a 5.1-megapixel sensor, 4x digital zoom, and a clever little visual viewfinder stuck on top. It’s a sassy little bit of fluff and could be a nice portable camera for folks who want to feel like the Marathon Man. Read More

  • Cheap Ring Flash Adapter From Photojojo Is A Must Buy

    Ring flashes can come in handy for many shooting situations. Flash rings are especially great for creating even illumination giving subjects a flat look — very symmetric. One of the downsides to the flashes has been price, but the latest ring flash adapter from Photojojo has a price so low that even DIY options can cost more. Read More

  • Another iPhone Telephoto Lens, Like Having A 500mm Sigma

    Looking to get a bit more zoom on the iPhone? Tired of pixelating your photos with the terrible digital zoom? Then check out this iPhone Telephoto Zoom over at Photojojo. It’s basically a case that attaches to an iPhone — Verizon compatible, too — that has a place to screw on an 8X telephoto lens for closeups. When you don’t need the zoom power, just unscrew the lens… Read More

  • Turn Your Expensive DLSR Into A Cheap Pinhole Camera

    Feeling a little jealous of all the “hipstamatic” shots out there? Want to take your modern camera down a few years? It’s easy! Just spend $50 on Photojojo’s pinhole body cap. Read More