Confirmed: MySpace To Acquire Photobucket For $250 Million

Apparently an overzealous Photobucket employee is the source of this rumor, but we’ve confirmed it with more senior people: MySpace is acquiring Photobucket for $250 million in cash. We’re

PhotoBucket Back on MySpace (I Want To Know The Backstory)

A simple blog post on Photobucket tells us that the war is over – PhotoBucket videos are now allowed on MySpace again after a two week ban. But the interesting part of this story is what I don&#

Can PhotoBucket Survive Without MySpace?

There was a lot of fingerpointing, denials, and “he said, she said” going on today as everyone digested the news that MySpace had blocked PhotoBucket’s 40 million members from embedd

PhotoBucket Videos Blocked on MySpace

Sometime around 10:30 pm PST tonight, MySpace began blocking videos embedded on MySpace pages that originate from Photobucket. This is a major blackout, affecting millions of embedded videos. Photobuc

How Much Is Photobucket Worth?

Silicon Valley/Colorado based photo and video sharing site Photobucket has 36 million registered users and adds another 85,000 per day. If the growth rate continues, they’ll have 60 million user

Cuts Launches Amidst Online Video Editor War

Ever since the social video market boomed through 2006, some video services have sought to differentiate themselves by adding online editors. Jumpcut and Motionbox launched their editors last April an

Newest Flash Tools on Display at Photobucket

The latest Flash photo/video/sound editing tools that we mentioned last week are now enabled at Photobucket for premium users, and will go live for all users in March. Geoff Baum at Adobe confirmed th

Photobucket To Show Off Latest Flash Tools

We are expecting Photobucket and Adobe to jointly announce a new Flash based tool for Photobucket users within the next couple of weeks. The tool will allow users to mash up videos, photos and music c

Piczo Announces Partnerships – Growth Still Strong

San Francisco based Piczo, a social network for young teenagers, continues to add 35,000 new registered users per day, and claims 2 billion monthly page views. We first covered them back in September,

Photobucket Distributing Custom Flock Browser

Photobucket, a very popular photo sharing service, is now distributing a custom version of the Flock Mozilla-based browser. A tour of the photo features of the browser is here. This comes less than a

Photobucket vs. Flickr in Alexa and Technorati

One of the top stories in the blogosphere today is a new Hitwise chart finding that Photobucket has a 46% leading market share in online photosharing and that Flickr is in 6th place with only 6%. This

PhotoBucket Closes $10.5M From Trinity Ventures

PhotoBucket, the company that drives 2% of total U.S. Internet traffic, will announce a $10.5 million Series B round on Tuesday. The round was funded by Trinity Ventures. General Partner Gus Tai will

2% of U.S. Internet Traffic goes through Photobucket

Photobucket isn’t as flashy as YouTube or Flickr, but they have 14 million users, 80 uploaded photos per second and, just two weeks after launching their video product are nearly matching YouTub