Watch Out, TwitPic: PhotoBucket Is Coming At You With TwitGoo

<a href=""><img src="" width="155" height="62" /></a> <a href="">PhotoBucket</a>,

Who Has The Most Photos Of Them All? Hint: It Is Not Facebook

<img src="" width="96" height="72" /> Photo-sharing on the Web keeps getting more popular as people transfer more of their digital p

Photobucket teams up with T-Mobile and Danger to create mobile apps

Understatement of the day: Apps are in. Having already released an iPhone app, it should come as no surprise that Photobucket has teamed up with T-Mobile and Danger to create mobile Photobucket apps f

Facebook Photos Pulls Away From The Pack

<img src="" /> If Facebook has one standout application it has to be Photos. Measured on its own, it is the largest

FIM Trims About 100 Jobs, Mostly At Photobucket And Corporate

<img src="" /> Fox Interactive Media is eliminating more than just <a href="

Verizon and Photobucket team up for instant photo uploading

Whenever people remember to use that camera on the back of their phone, what do they do with it? Do they go out into the wild and try to capture what Ansel Adams’ work would look like through a

Google's Picasa Moves Onto Flickr's Turf: Adds Ways To Explore Interesting Public Photos

<img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-21860" title="picasa-explore-screen" src="" alt="" /> On the heels of a majo

Photobucket Introduces Group Albums to Make Sharing Simple

Photobucket, one of the web’s most visited sites and home to billions of photos, is introducing a new feature dubbed “Group Albums”. The feature will allow multiple friends to add th

Photobucket Plays Catch Up To Flickr, Public API Released

Photobucket, acquired by Fox Interactive Media in May 2007 for $300 million, is releasing their API to the public today and will allow third party developers to build photo/video storage and visualiza

Photobucket Image Editing Now Provided by FotoFlexer

Starting tomorrow Photobucket will be able to edit images on the service in-browser courtesy of technology provided by FotoFlexer. The deal, which is highly reminiscent of the one recently struck betw

Photobucket Exec Departs to Run New Startup, BillShrink

Peter Pham, VP of Business Development over at Photobucket(acquired by FIM last May) has resigned to head up a new company, BillShrink, as CEO. BillShrink, which has been in development for the past s

Photobucket Now Available Inline For MySpace Users

Photobucket has announced inline support for inclusion of Photobucket photos within MySpace. To use, MySpace users click on “Add Image From Photobucket” when leaving a comment, which then

Shareapic Pays You To Host Pictures

Picture and file hosting has established credentials as a business idea. As the cost of storage has rapidly decreased as social networking has boomed picture hosting has been a hot vertical. There&#82

TiVo now handles Photobucket and Picasa streaming

Your TiVo box added a wee bit o’ usefulness today with the inclusion of Photobucket and Picasa compatibility. You can view your own photos, other people’s photos that you’ve been giv

Slide Users Adding One Million New Widgets Daily: That's a Lot Of Widgets

San Francisco based social network widget provider Slide has hit new highs, with reports that they are now serving over one million new widgets daily. Slide provides widget based photo slideshows that

Fox Completes Photobucket Acquisition

We’ve gotten word that Fox has closed the acquisition of Photobucket, has wired the money to the Photobucket shareholders and will issue a press release tomorrow.

Photobucket Launches Media Plug-in 2.0

Photobucket has announced the launch of Photobucket Media Plug-in 2.0, an enhanced version of its free image and video hosting plug-in. The new plug-in gives users of participating web sites the abili

Fox Interactive Confirms Photobucket, Flektor Acquisitions

The Photobucket and Flektor acquisitions were confirmed by Fox Interactive today in a press release. No details on prices, so we are assuming earlier reports were correct: $300 million for Photobucket

MySpace/Photobucket: User Overlap Is Nearly 100%

NewsCorp plans to pay half as much for Photobucket as they did for MySpace. Photobucket is going for $300 million with the earnout (a steal compared to Google/YouTube), and MySpace was acquired for $5

Photobucket Was A Steal v. Google/YouTube

By almost any measure, MySpace got Photobucket for an absolute steal when compared to the Google YouTube deal. The companies are somewhat comparable – both have very large libraries of user-crea
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