Photo Frames

FinePix REAL 3D V3: Fujifilm’s Naked-Eye 3D Photoframe Supports 3D Playback From Other Devices

Digital photo frames are a dime a dozen nowadays, and recently, 3D models have been popping up, too. Fujifilm today <a href="">announced</a> the FinePix REAL 3

My Picturetown 3D: Nikon's 3D Image Conversion Service For Photo Frames

<img src="" /> Nikon Japan is <a href="">planning</a> [JP] to offer an onl

Quick hands on with the Vizit cellular connected touchscreen photo frame

The Vizit photo frame is an interesting twist on conventional photo frames. Forget about setting it up over Wi-Fi or USB—this thing connects to AT&T’s network and pulls in photos sent via e-ma

Photo frame features built-in scanner

<img src="">Oh boy, here’s the perfect digital photo frame for grandma, grandpa, or anyone else who’s deathly afraid of technology. As

Review: Digital Foci Photo Book

Short version: The concept of the “digital photo frame” finally goes mobile with the Digital Foci Photo Book. Its sleek 8″ screen offers 800×600 resolution, supports a variety o

Worlds Collide: iMo digital photo frame features built-in printer

<img src="">If you thought that the whole point of the common digital photo frame was to make old-school photos a t

Photo frame looks like a Mac window

<img src="">Perhaps you find yourself in the overlapping section of a Venn diagram consisting of a circle called “Peopl

HP outs new ‘DreamScreen’ photo frames with Facebook and Pandora features

<img src="">HP has released a new line of wireless photo frames; the 10.2-inch DreamScreen 100 and 13.3-inch DreamScreen 130, priced

Sungale desk lamp features 3.5-inch LCD

<img src="">Ah, convergence devices. Sometimes they actually make sense. Case in point, this 5-watt LED desk lamp with built-in

Picture frame does motion-activated snow flurries

<img src="" alt="frame" />This here is a photo frame that contains a proximity sensor. When you walk past the frame, it'll activat

CrunchDeals: 14.1-inch photo frame for $99

<img src=""> has a gigantic digital photo frame for just $99 – way, way down from the $299 list price. It’s the Westinghous

Review: SmartParts SPX8WF Wi-Fi digital frame

NOTE: SmartParts is closing shop. Do not buy this product unless it is on sale. Short Version: A built-in e-mail address for sending photos directly to the frame and a gorgeous 8-inch screen barely ev

CrunchDeals: 3.5-inch digital photo frame for $22.99

Here’s a good stocking stuffer. has the Nextar N3-505 3.5-inch digital photo frame for $22.99 with free shipping. The frame has a 320×240 resolution with 8MB of built-in memory, which c

Kodak announces $999 OLED photo frame

Kodak will be showing off a fancy OLED photo frame in Germany next week. I bet it’ll look really nice. I also bet it’ll be prohibitively expensive for most people. Yep, there we go —

CrunchDeals: Digital photo frame for $40 after MIR has the Gear Head 7-inch digital photo frame for $59.99 with a $20 mail in rebate. You can also use coupon code “FRAME73FS” at checkout to get free shipping. Not a bad deal if you’re

Pandigital adds touch-interface to photo frame borders

Digital photo frames are going more hi-tech. Last week we told you about the new Kodak frames with a touch-interface border, and now Pandigital has introduced its PanTouch line of frames with similar

Kodak's new digital photo frames feature gesture-based input

[photopress:kodak.jpg,full,left]Kodak’s dropped a trio of new digital photo frames that lack the usual controls or remote control that most frames come with. Instead the frames have a multitouch

Polaroid concept digital photo frame, just like the real thing

[photopress:draft_3727_big.gif.jpg,full,left]The Polaroid brand refuses to die. Though you can’t get film for your camera anymore, Polaroid is all about using retro design and nostalgia to keep

iRiver Siren Digital Photo Frame

I was at Josh’s house the other day and noticed, quietly, that he has one of those digital photo frames. I mean, he’s cool to begin with, but now I know he’s, like, Fonzie cool. So n