photo frame

  • Even Thanko now starts offering 3D devices (a photo frame)

    Take this with a grain of salt, but I need to report that Thanko, the infamous gadget maker from Tokyo, has started selling a 3D photo frame [JP] today. The USB specialists say the 7-inch device, which they also call a “3D multimedia player”, doesn’t require users to view images in 3D. Read More

  • Sharp Japan's cordless phone system features integrated photo frame

    Back in August 2009, we covered a cordless phone offered by Sharp Japan that could be connected to a portable 7-inch touch panel via infrared. That panel could be used as a digital picture frame, for example. And yesterday, the same company announced [JP] the JD-4C1CW, which again links a cordless phone to a touch screen. This time, the display is part of the phone. Read More

  • Colorio Me E-800: Epson Japan to roll out postcard printer/photo frame hybrid

    Epson Japan has announced the Colorio E-800 [JP], a new device that serves as both a postcard printer and a digital photo frame. The E-800 makes it possible to print 89 x 127mm pictures without having to use a computer. Pictures or a calendar can be viewed on a 7-inch LCD screen with 800×480 resolution. Read More

  • Hello Kitty photo frame is almost too cute to be true

    We blogged about a number of particularly cute digital photo frames in the past, but this Hello Kitty model beats them all. Announced in Japan by Sanrio [JP] today (Sanrio is the corporation behind the cartoon cat), the device goes on sale in Nippon on May 31. There will be two variations. Read More

  • Android picture frames: Overkill?

    I knew that Android was powerful but is it powerful enough to display pictures in random order on a screen? Yes! A new photo frame concept from Fujitsu uses theAndroid OS to display pictures. Amazing, right? Read More

  • Display six photos at once with fancy new photo frame

    Aside from the recent surge in digital picture frames, there hasn’t been too much innovation in the picture frame market. Until now! The Rhombus Turning Photo Frame from Brando has room for six photos. Stick the frame on a level surface and it’ll rotate! Read More

  • Are these the cutest photo frames ever?

    iRiver Japan today unveiled a new photo frame, which comes in two designs (“Minnie Style” and “Micky Style”) and is officially licensed by Disney. Read More

  • Samsung intro's new Wi-Fi digital photo frames

    Digital photo frames might be everyone’s favorite Christmas gift, (to give, not to receive) and Samsung is launching two new Wi-Fi-equipped models. Neither one of ’em look terribly techno-chic so they might just bend in nicely with your Grandparent’s mid-70’s decor. The new units are loaded with features your lovely, but technology challenged, relatives… Read More

  • Sanyo releases 7 inch digital photo frame in Japan

    Sanyo is offering a new digital photo frame on the Japanese market. The LVF-PF71 is priced at $145 (MSRP). The LCD display is 7 inches in size (480×234 resolution). The frame is compatible with SD and Memory Stick memory cards. JPEGs can be viewed in intervals between 5 seconds and 24 hours. The LVF-PF71 is 325 grams light and sized at 200×20×133mm. Read More