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Remini tops the App Store for its viral ‘AI headshots’ but its body edits go too far, some say

Instagram’s Threads’ time at the top of the App Store has come to an end, thanks to an AI photo editing app called Remini that’s going viral on TikTok. First launched in 2019, the ap

Darkroom brings high-end photo smarts to your iCloud Photo Library

It’s been around for a hot minute, but Darkroom just got a pretty major update that makes it a lot more interesting for photo enthusiasts who don’t want, or can’t afford, to use more

Pixelmator Photo is coming to Mac with a new subscription-based model

The longtime iOS and iPadOS image editing application Pixelmator Photo, a companion to the popular Pixelmator Pro, is embracing subscriptions as it heads to the Mac. Previously the app was available f

Step up your meme game with Antimatter’s Reverse Meme Search app

Like it or not, memes are part of how we communicate now — we even reference memes in our headlines. But iterating upon existing memes can be a needlessly clunky user experience. First, you need

Everyone you know is a Disney princess, which means AR is queen

This weekend, all of your friends morphed one by one into animated, Pixar-inspired characters. This isn’t a fever dream, and you’re not alone. On Thursday, Snapchat released a Cartoon 3D Style Len

ByteDance’s video editor CapCut is the latest to top the US App Store

From time to time, we see a Chinese app climbing to the top of Google Play and App Store in a host of Western countries. It might be a utility tool like a selfie beautifier or some casual video game,

Skylum launches Luminar AI, its AI photo editor

Over the course of the last few years, Skylum made a name for itself with a set of photo-editing apps like Aurora HDR and Luminar. With Luminar AI, it is now launching a brand-new photo editor, starti

Matter Lets You Add And Edit 3D Objects In Your Photographs

Pixite, a company that creates high-quality photo editing apps on iOS, is increasing its creative suite today with the launch of Matter, an app that allows users to add 3D effects with shadows and ref

GroupShot Launches Impressive Face-Swapping, Photo Editing App For iPhone

Remember when <a href="">Microsoft rolled out Photo Fuse</a>, the crazy feature in its