• PhoneTag Voice-To-Text Is Only 86 Percent Accurate, But That's Better Than Google Voice

    Computer voice-to-text technology has come a long way, and every time it gets better, new applications open up. It is still not 100 percent accurate. Hell, it’s not even 90 percent accurate. But it is accurate enough for automated voicemail transcription services to become increasingly available and good enough not to have to listen through 15 voicemails to get the gist of what they… Read More

  • PoketyPoke Dials Into Conference Calls For You (100 Beta Invites)

    Invariably, whenever you dial into a conference call, someone is always late.  Everyone waits until the last minute to call, and then it takes forever to find the email with the dial-in number and the passcode, and by the time you get through the voice prompts, you’ve already wasted five or ten minutes. A new service launching today from Ditech Networks called PoketyPoke tries to… Read More

  • Ditech's PhoneTag Now Works Behind Your Company's Firewall

    Today Ditech networks is announcing that it’s releasing a fully automated version of its PhoneTag voicemail-to-text technology that can operate behind a company firewall, making the service available to the many businesses and organizations where privacy and security are important. The service will also be readily available to enterprise customers, as it is fully functional with… Read More

  • SimulScribe Signs Exclusive $17 Million Partnership Agreement With Ditech Networks

    SimulScribe, the scrappy voicemail transcription company, didn’t get acquired exactly, but it just signed an exclusive partnership agreement with Ditech Networks that could be worth as much as $17 million. The deal is $7 million in cash up front with a $10 million earnout, and gives Ditech the exclusive rights to resell SimulScribe’s speech-to-text transcription services on a… Read More

  • RebelVox Makes Your Voicemail More Like Email

    RebelVox is a voice communications platform that aims to makes your voicemail function more like email. The technology is not yet available for consumers, but it will soon be shopped around to developers who may want to incorporate it in other apps. RebelVox’s technology will allow you to leave a voicemail for someone without actually making a call to the person. RebelVox’s mobile… Read More

  • No More Free Jott For You

    In August voice-to-text service Jott moved out of beta and added a premium feature for $4/month. Since then, the company says, about 30% of Jott’s active users have opted for the premium, no-ads version of the service. People use it to send voice-to-text emails and sms messages, send Twitter messages, add calendar items, etc. Voice messages are transcribed into text via software with… Read More

  • Think Before You Voicemail

    Voicemail is dead. Please tell everyone so they’ll stop using it. When I first started out in the real world in the mid-nineties voicemail was an important productivity tool. I remember people talking about the pros and cons of various enterprise voicemail systems – which had the best forwarding and group messaging, which allowed for archiving, and how many messages could be stored… Read More

  • The Importance of a Good Name: Ditching SimulScribe For PhoneTag

    Too often in the rush of trying to launch something new, entrepreneurs pay too little attention to coming up with a good name for their product or company. It might start off as a part-time project and they just want to get it up and running. So they pick the first name that comes to mind—often something awful—and then they are stuck with it. That is what happened to SimulScribe… Read More