Philo’s low-cost TV service expands its lineup with Cheddar, Tastemade, and PeopleTV

Following the new trend among streaming TV services to combine digital-first channels with traditional TV content, Philo today announced it’s expanding its live TV service with the addition of C

Philo and Pandora are offering a discounted, but temporary, 3-month bundle of TV and music

It seems like Hulu and Spotify had the right idea, when they launched a discounted package last month that combined both of their services. Now, the low-cost streaming service Philo is doing the same

Philo ditches sports to introduce a $16 per month live TV service

Philo, a streaming service backed by cable TV content providers, today launched a low-cost, sports-free live TV service priced at just $16 per month. That’s undercutting today’s live TV st

On-Campus Internet TV Service Philo Expands, Now Live At Over 40 Universities In The U.S.

Philo, the NEA and HBO-backed startup that’s bringing traditional cable┬átelevision, including both live TV and DVR functionality, to consumers’ mobile devices, has been working to expand

Philo Raises $10 Million From NEA, HBO & Others For Its On-Campus Internet TV Service

The way people watch TV in a multi-device world is changing, which has led a number of consumers - especially among the younger demographic - to cut the cord with traditional pay TV, or just never sig

LocalResponse Buys Social TV Advertising And Check-In Platform Philo

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