• Uber Wants To Drive You To The Philly Mini Meet-Up

    Uber Wants To Drive You To The Philly Mini Meet-Up

    Next Tuesday we’re invading Philly for an evening of networking, fun, and bacchanalian pleasure. Are you coming? Josh Zelman, Jordan Crook, Chris Velazco, and myself will be rolling into Philadelphia on Tuesday morning and we’re ready to talk start-ups, tech, and all things in between. We’re excited to head out to the city of brotherly love and we’re also excited… Read More

  • Philadelphia Reader Meetup & Blogging Conference

    Tomorrow is Thursday, which marks the start of the two-day BlogPhiladelphia conference in Philadelphia, PA. I’ll be speaking tomorrow at 9:30am on a panel and it should be a lot of good, clean fun. Afterwards, anyone in NJ, DE, or PA who wants to meet up is more than welcome to. I figured we could all meet at a bar and have some drinks, talk tech, etc. If you’re interested, shoot me… Read More

  • Philadelphia Finally Getting WiFi Network

    Just heard some welcome news on NPR right now. The company setting up Philadelphia’s city-wide WiFi project has completed a 15-mile-wide test north of the city and word is that the system is ready to be deployed to all of Philadelphia. By Q3 of this year, the network should be setup so that anyone in Philadelphia city limits can acquire wireless Internet access for on the cheap. No price… Read More