• Philips launches new Hue app with much improved design

    Philips launches new Hue app with much improved design

    Let’s be honest, the Philips Hue app has a horrible design. But this is just a bad memory now as the company has released a new major version of its iOS and Android app. The app is now more polished and comes with a bunch of extra features. Let’s start with the design. I’ve been using Huemote on my iPhone to control my lights. It’s clean, straightforward and comes with Read More

  • Phillips jumping into touchscreen phone race

    Looks like Phillips is looking to get a piece of the touchscreen phone action with the X800, says Chinese site CCID. Based on the pictures they’ve obtained it looks like the UI is a mishmash of Sony’s PSP/PS3/whatever else and Samsung’s Croix interface. Details are very scant with this one, but one picture suggests it will launch in Hong Kong under Vodafone. Read More

  • Phillips' Answer To The Apple TV

    Of all places for an Apple TV competitor to come from, Phillips was not at the top of my list or, rather, even in the top five. Apparently, this brushed aluminum squareish object from Phillips will be a direct competitor so you don’t have to go hacking and possibly bricking your precious Apple hardware. Details are very limited at this time and an actual UI was not up for demo at… Read More