Philippe Botteri

  • Philippe Botteri leaves Silicon Valley Bessemer for Accel in London

    < There’s been quite a lot of talk recently about the state of the European venture capital industry. European VCs somehow often get labeled as timid, risk averse…or even bad. Atlas Venture’s Fred Destin nicely outlined his view and hinted at the need for a bit of “revolution” – and the fact that some of the European VCs simply do not have the same DNA as the entrepreneur-turned-investor crowd in the US. That being said, Europe is not void of American-style investors – like the European branch of Accel Partners. While the Accel team in London is very international, it is one of the local teams with a stronger American presence. But oddly enough, the team has now added a French hire to the team: Philippe Botteri, who was previously the Vice President of Bessemer Venture Partners in Silicon Valley has joined the London office as a Principal. Read More