• Take Your RSS Feed And To Twitter, Facebook, And Tumblr

    Things on the Web used to be simple for bloggers and publishers. You published on a Website, and then syndicated it out to other channels via an RSS feed. But then realtime streams started taking over and RSS couldn’t keep up, even though technologies like PuSH are speeding it up. So publishers take their RSS feeds and publish the headlines and a link directly to Twitter with a… Read More

  • Pheedo Launches Social Media Ad Widgets

    RSS ad network Pheedo will announce a new service tonight – advertising widgets powered by RSS and incorporating several social media tools.¬†¬†Readers familiar with Techmeme‘s advertising program will recognize the ideas here – companies today are producing creative content to drive visitors to their websites and that content can be leveraged explicitly as… Read More

  • Profile – Pheedo

    Company: Pheedo
    Launched: 2004
    Funding: Series A from Fastlane Ventures on May 4, 2005
    Location: Emeryville, California (bay area) Overview: Pheedo is a network that brings advertisers to blogs. I spoke with Bill Flitter, Pheedo’s Chief Marketing Officer, earlier this week to get a better understanding of the business. Bill joined Pheedo as part of their Series A… Read More