YC-backed Perlstein Lab continues their rare disease drug discovery

Perlstein Lab, or PLab as it is also known, continues to hone its automated drug discovery platform and presents its latest iteration Wednesday March 23rd at Y Combinator Demo Day. The platform they c

The Boom, Not Doom, Of Market Failure

While it might seem that the disruption du jour is all anybody is ordering these days -- making innovation, growth and new value seem like insurmountable things -- businesses should focus on where the

As Internal Threats Rise, Investors Back New Security Tech

Amid this steady drumbeat of technology breaches and security snafus, venture capitalists have spent roughly $6.5 billion on new technologies to combat this menace, according to CrunchBase data. The l

Pharma’s Huge Threat (and Opportunity): mRx

It was only a matter of time before healthcare providers would start prescribing mHealth apps as soon as they proved to be as or more effective than prescription drugs. Happtique, a mobile health appl

Index Launches Its First Life Sciences Fund: $200M And Partnering With Glaxo and Johnson & Johnson

Index Ventures may be best known on these pages for its technology investments, but today it launched a new fund that points to how the company is willing to put its money into other examples of stron

Dumb Employers, Lucky Startups And An Untapped Reservoir

A group of women is re-entering the workforce today and reshaping how products are made across key tech sectors like health & wellness, commerce and social products. Not only do they have the expe

What Pharma Can Learn From the Railroads and IBM

Editor’s note: This guest post was written by Dave Chase, the CEO of, a patient portal & relationship management company that was a TechCrunch Disrupt finalist. Previously he was a