Phantom Entertainment

  • Phantom Entertainment finally has something to sell

    Phantom Entertainment (formally Infinium Labs) worked so hard to create the ultimate gaming console, but after lots of false starts, the company’s console slipped into vaporware. Most companies would have given up at that point, but not Phantom Entertainment. I guess they wanted to prove to the world that they could make something useful. After a few missed deadlines the… Read More

  • Phantom Entertainment Invading A Hotel Near You, Maybe

    Oh Phantom Entertainment, try as you might to make us think you actually produce hardware, you go and sign with ProGames Network to bring your non-existent wireless lapboard and game service to a hotel near me, you, or anyone. How long have we been waiting for the illusive Phantom game console? Over a year and then you decided to downgrade to a lapboard that was supposed to ship sometime… Read More