• Don’t hand over EV charging in Northern California to PG&E Crunch Network

    Don’t hand over EV charging in Northern California to PG&E

    Northern California has become a test-bed for electric vehicle charging. And it’s no accident; the region is home to more electric vehicles and EV charging stations than anywhere else in the country. Like other innovative industries, the EV charging models, products and services that prove successful over time will scale around the state, the country and the world. Read More

  • Mother Ocean to juice our Xboxes, TVs, etc.

    That’s Mavericks, a world class big wave spot in Half Moon Bay. Oil prices are getting out of hand. Wind and solar power are somewhat unpredictable and apparently they ‘cost too much’. A few weeks back I saw Southland Tales and the movie was about the end of the world and all this other crazy stuff. What was intriguing about the film other than Sarah Michelle Geller being a… Read More

  • Google and PG&E Test Crazy New Hybrid Vehicles

    We’re RICH!
    Not content with hegemonic domination of the Internets, Google is now seeking dominion over the open road. Earlier this week (read: yesterday), Google and Pacific Gas & Electric tested a collection of hybrid vehicles that could turn the industry on its head (roof?). Read More