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Pew: 86% Of U.S. Adults Make Efforts To Hide Digital Footprints Online; Fear Of Creeping Ads And Hackers Outweighs Spying

In one of the latest developments in the fallout of the PRISM story, the ACLU is <a target="_blank" href="

Pew: 30% Of U.S. Adults Don’t Have Broadband; 10% Use Smartphones As Sole Internet Access; 20% Have Zilch

As <a href="">Facebook teams up with other tech titans</a> to put more effort into ubiquitous internet access worldwide, <a target="_blank"

Pew Study Suggests Libraries (And Print) Still Have A Future In An E-Book World

A new study from <a target="_blank" href="">the Pew Internet and American Life Project</a> looks at the future of libraries. The study, titled "Library services in the digita