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Somewhere Between Coke And Nintendo, Rovio Wants To Be A Super Brand

Being a successful gaming company is hard. Not only is the competitive landscape vastly overcrowded, but the winds of change pull people from one gaming hit to another faster than you can water your F

The Mighty Eagle Himself, Peter Vesterbacka, Offers First In-Depth Demo Of Angry Birds Space

I've been excited about <a href="">Angry Birds Space</a> since before I even knew abou

Angry Birds’ Peter Vesterbacka: If Disney Were Alive Today, He Would Be Making Games For The iPhone

In a little over two years of existence, the smartphone game Angry Birds is now a household name. A lesson in horizontal brand extension, Rovio "Mighty Eagle" <a href="

Disrupt Beijing: We’re Bringing Steve Chen, Peter Vesterbacka, Phil Libin and More

As we <a href="">announced</a> last week, we've been busy securing some of the most exciting names in China for our

Angry Birds Tops 200 Million Downloads; More Than Double Its "Crazy" Forecast (TCTV)

<img src=""/>BERLIN-- Yesterday at the <a href="">Next 11 conference</a>, I interviewed <a href=

Video: Peter Vesterbacka Gives The Angry Birds Update. A Franchise Is Flourishing!

I ran into Rovio’s Peter Vesterbacka again at SXSW 2011 and he was kind enough to give me the update since I saw him last at the Mobile World Congress. Dude is everywhere…and busy. Here&#8