Peter Relan

Got It Pro uses machine learning to find a human solver for your techie problem

Can AI be used to intelligently rank expertise? Serial entrepreneur Peter Relan thinks it can, and and has today launched what he's billing as a "knowledge-as-service" (KaaS) platform to connect (huma

Studio 9+ Accelerator Raises $2.5 Million To Fund Its First Class of Entrepreneurs

<a target="_blank" href="">YouWeb</a> founder <a target="_blank" href="">Peter Relan</a>'s new accelerator has raised another $2.5 milli

Pluto Media Nabs $500K From OpenFeint, Webvan Co-founder & Others To Create An Educational Gaming Platform For Kids

Another day, another vote of investor confidence for educational gaming. Today, <a target="_blank" href="">Pluto Media</a>, the Menlo Park-based maker of educational