• SEC Gives Social Investing Site kaChing Green Light To Take On Mutual Funds

    Every social investing site wants to turn the insights of its trading members into financial products that people can actually link to their brokerage accounts. Finding the few brilliant stock pickers in the crowd and then letting everyone else follow their portfolios while taking a cut of the management fees is the business model. KaChing, which is the most popular investing application… Read More

  • Israel Makes Strong TC50 Showing

    Israel seems to be the country with the single biggest foreign contingent at TC50 with no less than 6 of the 50 companies presenting on stage. Some more Israeli startups can be found in the demo pit, the exhibition space and just walking around the venue floor shopping for investors, customers and partners. Here is a round-up of the 6 Israeli companies that presented on stage: Read More

  • TC50: PersonalRIA Matches Individual Investors With The Pros

    PersonalRIA is a service that helps you monitor your portfolio and connect you with reliable investment advisors who can better manage your investments. After signing up for PersonalRIA, users can start looking for investment advisors. The site gives the users information about why they buy or sold each stock, full disclosure about the advisor, and specific information about their trading… Read More