10 immigration tips for love-struck tech workers

Even techies might agree that server rooms aren’t the most romantic places to fall in love — but it happens. And with foreign-born workers making up nearly three-quarters of Silicon Valley’s lab and Personal merge to put you in control of the nascent ‘personal data ecosystem’

<a target="_blank" href=""></a> and Personal, two companies that broadly play in the personal data space by offering apps to securely store and share various data about yourself,

Personal Profile Page Startup Is Ready To Take Your Money With New Premium Service, Plans For Wefollow Integration, the online identity platform that spun out from Aol* at the beginning of the year before acquiring the one-time Digg spinout Wefollow, is now lifting the curtains on its plans to generate re

There’s A Difference Between Private And Personal

While most of us were enjoying the holidays with our families all over the world, someone who is related to the CEO of Facebook posted a photo of her family to friends, and then some journalist person

Facebook’s Status Box Gets More Personal, Asks You “What’s Going On?” By Name

Here’s something quite interesting coming from Facebook on a day when it launched its SnapChat competitor, “Poke.” It seems like the company is testing out a design that is a bit mo

A.R.O. Reveals Saga, An “Ambient Companion” That Watches What You Do To Make Personal Recommendations

We've just been given a first look at <a target="_blank" href="">Saga</a>, a new mobile companion emerging from Seattle startup <a target="_blank" href="">A.R.O<

Personal Takes Its Secure Vault For All Of Your Private, Digital Data Mobile With iOS App

Startup <a href="">Personal</a>, which aims to give consumers control over their digital data, is debuting an iPhone app today, adding to the company's existing web and Android

Personal Is A Secure Vault For All Of Your Private, Digital Data

We wrote about stealthy startup <a href="">Personal</a> earlier this year when the company announced <a href="

Personal Raises $7M From Steve Case And Others To Help Consumers Protect Their Digital Data

<img src="" class="shot2">Under the radar startup <a href="">Personal</a> has just announced a round of funding from