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Revolar, the personal safety button, can get you out of tight spots

A new hardware/app device called Revolar aims to make it safe to walk the streets. This tiny button will notify your friends and family if you're scared and the authorities if you're in trouble -- and

3 ways startups are fighting for digital and physical security

Internet accessibility for all people, of all ages and in all places has unleashed unprecedented resources and opportunities. It also unlocked our digital and physical security. The sacrifice of safet

Guardian Circle crowdsources your safety

In situations where you might not feel threatened enough to call the police, but where you do want to reach out to a friend and say 'something's not right here', freshly launched app Guardian Circle h

Apple Patents Built-In Automated Emergency Detection And Assistance For iPhone

A new patent application by Apple just published by the USPTO (via AppleInsider) adds a feature to an iPhone that may not be as cool as an optical heart rate sensor, but could be just as (or more) lif

Lifesaver iPhone Case Gives Your Smartphone A Dedicated Hardware Panic Button

The Lifesaver Case is kicking off an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign today, to fund the production of hardware that adds a unique personal safety twist to your existing iPhone. The Apple smartphone-sp

Guardly Partners With Desire2Learn To Bring Campus Safety Features To The Blackboard Competitor

I've seen a lot of pivots, but few continue to impress as much as Guardly's shift from a personal safety app aimed at consumers, to a comprehensive security suite designed to be used by educational in