Mozilla Stops Developing Its Persona Sign-In System Due To Low Adoption

If you don’t know about Mozilla’s Persona sign-in and identity, you’re apparently not the only one. Citing low adoption rates, Mozilla has decided to give up on this project and is a

Mozilla’s Persona Login System Now Supports All Gmail Addresses Out Of The Box

One of Mozilla's lesser-known projects is <a target="_blank" href="">Persona</a>, a login system that aims to eliminate site-specific passwords so you can log in with your ex

Mozilla Launches Beta 2 Of Its Persona Authentication System, Now Supports Firefox OS And All Email Addresses

Mozilla today launched the second beta of its Persona authentication system, which now allows anybody with a email address to sign up and log in to any Persona-enabled site without the need

Atlus announces Persona 4 (I'm excited)

You may have read my recommendation of Atlus’ monster hit, Persona 3: FES in a not-so-recent CrunchArcade column. It’s a great game, and as you can guess from the “3” in its ti