Novint Falcon now officially works with Valve's Orange Box

<img src="" />Huzzah! After almost a <a href="

Cideko wireless media keyboard features mid-air mousing

<img src="" alt="Cideko" />Hello there, seemingly useful wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The Cideko Air Keyboard features a

Next Tony Hawk game to feature skateboard controller

<img src="" alt="skateboard" />Oh goodie, another video game peripheral. This time it's an oversized balance board for <em>Tony Hawk: Ride</

Two Minute Review: Ford GT40 Series Car Mouse

<img src="">The Ford GT40 Series Car Mouse from is a $50 wireless mouse stuffed in a replica Ford GT. This is defin

Tabletize your laptop via USB for $99

<img src="">If you’ve always dreamed of a tablet PC but you don’t want to pay those outrageous department store prices, Brando has

DVD burning speeds hit 24X

<img src="">If you’re like me, burning a DVD at 22X is like waiting for water to boil. My kingdom for a 24X DVD burner! That extra 2X

Act now & this $1,200 Steampunk keyboard could be yours!

Is this Steampunk keyboard, the Aviator, worth $1,200 to you? It looks unique, sure, but in my world a keyboard is a merely a tool; there’s no need for flashing, Las Vegas lights or clankity-cla

That SteelSeries Warcraft MMO mouse doesn't have Mac drivers yet (but they're coming soon)

Just a heads up to my fellow World of Warcraft players, especially those of you who use a Mac. You know that SteelSeries MMO Gaming Mouse that came out a few days ago? It doesn’t ship with Mac d

Review: Kensington ShareCentral 1 USB switch

Short Version: Kensington’s “ShareCentral 1” provides an easy, hassle-free way to share a USB device between two computers. At $39.99, it’s not too expensive, either.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s USB Man!

Here’s USB Man, a little guy that takes the ordinary and mundane task of sharing a USB port and makes all that the aforementioned activity entails ever so slightly less ordinary and mundane. The bes

Review: Kensington Portable Power Outlet

Quick Version: This handy, compact, five-in-one power doodad from Kensington turns one outlet into three plug-ins and two USB charging ports for $24.99.

Mad Catz: Bass guitar and portable drum set for Wii

Review: Kensington Media Sharing Cable

Trackstar 6000 USB racing setup for serious drivers

If you really, really like racing games, you could plunk down a couple hundred bucks for a good wheel and pedal set made of plastic and rubber or you could really let everyone know that you’re serio

Two new Qflix-enabled DVD burners from Plextor

We’ve reported on the Qflix service before – you’ll recall that it basically lets you download movies from the CinemaNow movie service and burn them onto blank DVDs as though they were actual, r

EA plans to take on the Wii Fit with their own peripherals?

The difference between a casual gamer and hardcore gamer seems to be one big grey area these days. The terminology doesn’t exactly convey the same message it used to, but that’s an argument/post f

Slides 2 PC, the $100 slide scanner

If you have old folks sitting quietly at home, get them this and give them something to do. Slide scanning – along with vinyl record conversion – is one of those things that our elders wou

Back to School: Must-have Dorm Room Gadgets

Note: Not a must-have. Here are a few dorm room gadgets we think you might be able to use at school or home to keep yourself online, in-touch, and entertained without much set-up time.

Space Invaders keyboard is purely for nostalgia

This is, simply, a Space Invaders keyboard. Well, for copyright reasons it’s called ElectroJoe’s Bendiboard Retroboarde (you need to register just to see it for some dumb reason), but you

Because your mouse pad might as well do something

Here’s the Zone ZUP8020 Multifunctional Mouse Pad. That’s a long name! It’s fitting, though, because the ZZMMP (as I’ll now call it) does so many things beyond supporting the undercarriage of
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