Apple says employees and customers are safe after store hostage situation in Amsterdam

In response to a now-resolved hostage situation at an Amsterdam store, Apple says that all employees and customers are safe “after this terrifying experience,” per a statement obtained by TechCrun

Meet the startups competing in the Extreme Tech Challenge Global Finals on July 22

There’s not much that thrills us more than a startup competition — and we mean deep down in our bones thrilled. That’s why we’re beyond excited to host the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) Global

Time’s streaming service gets rebranded as ‘PeopleTV,’ passes 100M views in year one

Time is giving its celeb and entertainment-filled streaming service a new name. Launched last year as the blandly and cumbersome “People/Entertainment Weekly Network,” the newly rebranded

Crunch Report | Facebook Hires 3,000 People After Getting Disturbed

Facebook hires 3,000 people to combat the disturbing videos and live videos that have been popping up on the site, Hulu launches its live TV service, yesterday was not too good of a day for tech stock

Time to debut its own streaming service focused on celeb & pop culture

There’s been an explosion of niche, over-the-top video streaming services in recent months, as consumers cut the cord with traditional pay TV in favor of videos they can watch at any time on any

Mixpanel Debuts Activity Feeds To Help Zoom In On Individual User Activity, Improve Customer Support

Mixpanel, the analytics company that has made a name for itself changing the way analytics are handled in a world where models designed for web-based products don't necessarily transition to mobile mo

Klout Would Like Potential Employers To Consider Your Score Before Hiring You. And That’s Stupid.

Let's put it out there right now: I am personally not a fan of <a href="

Discovr Unveils People Finder App, Helps You Surface Interesting People On Twitter

Discovr, the company behind what's still one of my all-time favorite <a href="">m

Soylent, I mean solar, power is people!

<img src="" alt="solar-hair" title="solar-hair" />While the developed nations of the world spend huge amounts of money trying to eek

Bicycle-mounted mobile phone chargers actually improve Kenyan lives

<img src="" />Two dollars is a princely sum in Kenya. But that's what people there have to pay to charge their mobile phone at a charg

Anti-sleepyhead sun warrior kit from Japan

Japanese toymaker People [JP] recently released a bizarre invention that is supposedly able to turn all sleepyheads into early risers. The so-called Okiro! Asa Ichiban Taiyou Senshi – Charenjaa

Using cellphones to track people's movements, study human behavior

What does your cellphone say about you? Not in the fashion sense—it says you’re a dork—, but what does it say about your behavior? It turns out, quite a lot. A recent study tracked p

Celebrity Baby Blog is Acquired:'s Gain Is FM Publishing's Loss

It’s nice to see blogs growing up, even if they are about babies. has bought Celebrity Baby Blog, a fast-growing blog started four years ago by Danielle Friedland. She confirmed the d

Google hires first engineering chief for Europe

Google has appointed its first ever Vice President of Engineering in Europe, in a move which could herald new local products from the search giant. Nelson Mattos (Ph.D.) will oversee Europe, the Middl

The Internet Address Book the Identity Search Engine.

About a month ago Roberto Bonanzinga pinged me with details of The Internet Address Book (IAB), an identity search engine that scanned a host of popular social networks – MySpace, LinkedIn, Deli

The week when London partied … Paris next.

Last week was a great week for catching up with a few people. Wednesday I caught up with Euan Semple, until then I had resisted Twitter but sadly I have been drawn into this backchannel web craze. Thu

British designers blogroll.

I recently came across this interesting website called “stuff and nonsense” don’t ask me how or why – I don’t remember but I did bookmark it instantly because it containe