• Pentel airpenPocket Picks Up Handwriting, Sends To Phone Or PC Over Bluetooth

    The airpenPocket is Pentel’s update to the aging airpenMini. Coming out in mid-February, this digital pen can transmit handwriting data via Bluetooth. The airpenMini was only able to export the data over USB. When writing or drawing, on paper sizes up to A4, the information is sent to a memory unit with the original ultrasonic infrared method. The memory unit is the middle man between… Read More

  • Digital pen airpenMini makes digitization of handwritten text easy

    Japanese stationery company Pentel today unveiled its airpenMini [JP], a digital pen that uses a combination of ultrasound and infrared to record anything the user writes on a piece of paper in the built-in memory. The pen tip features a pressure-sensitive tip and 2BM of memory, enough to store written information written on 100 pages of A5 paper. All data can be transferred to computers… Read More