Montblanc enters the 21st century with a fancy digital pen

Fancy pens are fancy. They’re nice to own, really great to write with, and awful pretty. But what happens when you mash up fancy pen manufacturer Montblanc with some digital paper? Baby, you got

New vs. old in back-to-school gear

Ultrathin laptops help you find information, but writing things down, on paper, in a notebook, helps you learn and remember. Wireless headphones make your music better and more portable, but earplugs

Why Pens Are Popular On Kickstarter And What It Means For Crowdfunders

This morning brought news of the <a target="_blank" href="">RETRAKT pen hitting</a> $72,000 on Kickstarter. RETRAKT

2011 Gift Guide: Best Stuff For Luddites

Not everyone needs a Google Nexus. Some of you - and your friends - are happy to exist in a plane without technology, a world dedicated to quiet reflection and acoustic jamming. Here are some of our

To Heck With iPad Stands, Help Kickstart Some Handmade Pens For A Change

This is what I like to see: people Kickstarting some really amazing stuff. How amazing? Try a handmade pen made of multiple pieces of wood spliced together and top-of-the-line clips and gel-inks. The

A New Take On Big Pens: The Turtle Pen

<img src="" />This pen looks fun: the Turtle Work and Turtle Play. The giant pens feature their patent pending SNAPbackā„¢ mechanism, which

It’s a pen! It’s a bullet! It writes upside down and underwater! It’s a bullet pen!

<img src="">My penmanship is withered chicken scratch thanks to years of paperless endeavors, but this bullet pen looks intrig

Spy pen for spying on people

Why yes, Mr. Obama, just sign here and we’ll do a the work over at the Watergate for you. Here, take my pen. No, it’s fine. It’s imported. Yes, it’s from China. Our good friend

Skink pen costs $1.99, reflects the glory of creation

And God said, “Let the waters bring forth swarms of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the firmament of the heavens.” So God created the great sea monsters and ever

Buckle up, this pen also detects Wi-Fi signals

This is a pen. It costs $20 and can detect wireless signals using a series of between one and four glowing lights. The more lights you see, the stronger the signal!!! It runs off of two AG13 batteries